This is The Funniest Interruption at Any Pro Tennis Match Ever

This is The Funniest Interruption at Any Pro Tennis Match Ever

Back when I was a younger lad I had a very serious Tennis career.  Truth be told I used to miss school for half the day to go train with my coach privately to pursue a professional career.  I bring this up because I’ve played a ton of tennis and in a ton of locations.  I’ve played in the bubbles, in stadiums, even near railroad tracks.  I’ve also played near personal residences but I can honestly say I’ve never really experienced an interruption that was particularly strange during a match.  I mean one time playing in the Caribbean I was interrupted by bats flying on the court but that was about as crazy as it ever got.

However, in Sarasota Florida yesterday two pro players got interrupted by something you’ll NEVER hear during a tennis match.   Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger’s match at the Sarasota Open in Florida was temporarily disrupted by the sounds of a couple having what appeared to be a “very good time.”  Yes folks, that kind of a good time. Watch as everyone in the stadium bursts out in laughter after hearing what sounds to be a woman moaning loudly from an apartment nearby.

Even the players couldn’t help but make faces.  In fact one smashed a ball pretty far in the direction of where the sounds were coming from.

This is definitely first for the USTA.  Here a couple of cute Twitter reactions:

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