Fun Facts About General Hospital Emmy Nominee Maura West

Fun Facts About General Hospital Emmy Nominee Maura West

Fun Facts About General Hospital Emmy Nominee Maura West

General Hospital fans are so excited that their very own people were nominated for so many Emmy awards in 2019, and we want to go over those nominees, their strengths, and even just get to know them a little better. Maura West did not win the Emmy for Outstanding Actress. That was Jacqueline MacInnes Wood from Bold and the Beautiful, but Maura West was a nominee, and we get it. She plays Ava Jerome, who is just awful. We mean just terribly awful. She seems to have some small part of her that wants to be a good person, who wants to make better life decisions, but she cannot seem to do it. She cannot get her life together enough to be a good woman. She just has too many temptations and too many things not going her way, and that makes her an ugly person. And she is just so good at it. We want to know more about her.

She’s A Baseball Fan

She is a woman who loves to go out to the ballfield and watch her favorite team play. With so many teams in the Major League Baseball industry, she has one favorite. She is a diehard Yankees fan, and she is proud of it. She’s been a fan for a long time, and she’s such a good fan that her husband knew he would win the award for best proposal ever if he asked her to marry him while they were at a game. She was obviously not mad about it, either, as she said yes. We love that he knows her so much, and that he is so happy to make her happy when it comes to her life.

She’s Got Five Kids

As the mother of four myself, I can say that I am not shocked she looks so darn good after having so many kids. It’s entirely possible, and it’s not uncommon. She’s gorgeous, but it shocks people to know she’s the mother of five. She has one child with her first husband, Jonathan Knight, a son, and she has two more sons and two daughters with her second husband. Now it’s super clear she was happy to marry him when he proposed to her at a baseball game. America’s pastime is, after all, amazing. And, we should also mention that while she was married to Jonathan Knight, we do not mean the one you are thinking of. She was not married to the former New Kids on the Block singer. While we’d love that, he’s not into women and she had another Knight in shining armor. Bad joke? We know.

Her Birth Name Comes With A Fun Fact

Maura West was born Maura Jo Snyder. She was born in Massachusetts. But, what do we mean that her name has a fun fact tied to it? We mean that she got her start in the soap world when she was cast as a brand-new character on the hit show, As the World Turns. It was 1995, and she originated the role of Carly Snyder. And her birth name is Snyder. And that’s fun to us.

She’s An Emmy Winner

She may not have the award in her name for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2019, but she’s got three others with the same title. She won twice for her role on ATWT, and she’s already taken home the same award for her role as Ava Jerome. It was back in 2015, and she deserved it just as much then as she does now. We told you she’s good at what she does, and that she has a fun way about her. She’s playing a character who is just not all that likable. She’s not nice. She only does what works for her, and she couldn’t even treat her own daughter with love and respect. But, she is so good at it. When you are given this kind of role to play, you have to be good. You know you’re going onto national television and giving people the mistaken assumption you are awful, and many of them will feel that way about you even when they meet you in real life. She’s spectacular here.

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