Five Tips On How to Get The Rocketeer Sequel Right

Five Tips On How to Get The Rocketeer Sequel Right

Five Tips On How to Get The Rocketeer Sequel Right

It would appear that The Rocketeer is going to be making a comeback eventually and as anyone should be able to guess there are bound to be several changes that will occur and possibly a few that will grab the attention of any fans that have been holding out hope that it would be happening at some point. Despite kind of a poor showing at the box office, this movie has still managed to be seen as one of Disney’s classic movies over the years and it’s fair to think that it could be brought back and turned into something great. Whether it will be something that’s shown on the big screen or if it will head on to Disney+ right away is hard to say, but the fact that it’s being revived is enough for a lot of people who would love to see it back on any screen.

Here are a few tips that might make The Rocketeer reboot a little better.

5. Not allowing the movie to go ‘woke’ would be a great idea

It does sound as though the main part will be taken by David Oyelowo, who is also helping to write the story. That’s a rumor at the moment but it could very easily turn into a reality. The point here is that by telling the story one can only hope that Disney won’t take a ‘woke’ approach and start slinging social justice into every other line and scene. Telling a balanced story that includes the good with the bad would be great since leaning too heavily in one direction or another when talking about various issues that did happen back in the day and should be remembered can skew the whole point of a story.

4. Add in a bit of history about the Tuskegee Airmen

This would be another idea that a lot of people might want to see in the movie since at this moment it sounds as though this is what’s going to happen, that a former Tuskegee airman somehow finds the jetpack and takes on the persona. Going back into the history of the airmen would be a good way to remind people of the history behind them and why it was so important to the airmen and to those around them. Putting a bit of history into a movie can help people to relate in a much more effective manner and it can even interest folks to the point that they’ll go and find out for themselves why this subject is so interesting.

3. How the jetpack landed in the protagonist’s hands would be a good idea.

This needs to happen of course, even if it’s a quick blurb in the movie to show how the protagonist acquires the jetpack. The whole origin story of the character is vital after all since it goes toward the motivation and decision to become something different that stands out as a symbol. The Rocketeer has been fairly popular for a long time now and people have been wanting to see him return, but it would be great as a transition to see how it happened that a different individual took on the mantle and managed to continue a legacy that he might have known little to nothing about, but was ready to accept.

2. Have a well-defined conflict that will excite the fans.

This is vital for any story really since without having a well-defined antagonist and a reason why the Rocketeer needed to come back there’s not much of a reason for the story. It would be like having a Marvel movie without a villain or a catastrophe to fight against, there’s simply no point in having a hero there when there’s nothing for them to do. Some might want to argue that the hero could still stand as a symbol for many when it comes to giving purpose to their lives, but one of the main points of having heroes around is that they have something or someone to fight against since otherwise there’s really no point.

1. Upgrading or altering the costume would be a good idea.

It kind of goes without saying that from person to person the costume should change at least a little since it goes toward the personality, the time period, and the overall purpose behind the next person taking on the same mantle. Each time a hero rises and takes on the same name it does stand to reason that they would put their own spin on the character and also a slightly different look. It’s not a call to change everything obviously, but just enough that it’s bound to make a distinction between the past and the present, so that people can see that the torch has been passed, so to speak.

Let’s see what this next Rocketeer has to offer.Disney’s classic movies

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