Five Things We Learned from The First Snyder Cut Justice League Teaser

Five Things We Learned from The First Snyder Cut Justice League Teaser

Five Things We Learned from The First Snyder Cut Justice League Teaser

Unless you happen to be one of the voracious Snyder fans that’s been operating the squeaky wheel that’s finally getting the grease, you might need to take some time to blink at the idea that someone finally caved and gave in to the fans’ demands on this one. A lot of people weren’t too happy with Joss Whedon’s decision to deviate from Snyder’s vision, but it’s fair to say that people have conveniently forgotten just who directed Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a movie that was picked apart just as much as Whedon’s Justice League. Yeah, that’s right, it was Snyder, the man that loves the shadows and makes it well known within every movie. Of course the Twitterverse exploded when the teaser for the Snyder Cut of Justice League was dropped, so it’s hard for people to hear anything through the clamor of fanboy’s and those that think they know more than anyone about the DC universe chiming in with their ‘He’s coming’ quotes that have ceased being original ever since Jesse Eisenberg uttered the phrase. To be certain, seeing Darkseid would have done a world of good for the DCEU movie, but at this point it’s almost as though people are wanting to canonize the Snyder Cut without having seen it, kind of like a ‘grass is greener’ idea that could backfire in a big way.

With that being said here are a few things we can take away from the teaser.

5. Darskseid’s forces somehow took notice of Superman’s death.

Whether there’s a plant on the planet earth or they simply have that good of surveillance it’s easy to think that Darkseid and his subordinates have found out that Superman died and find it to be the perfect time to make their move. Obviously Steppenwolf came for the Mother boxes in order to lay waste to the earth in advance of Darkseid’s arrival. But think that so much is going to change is kind of hard to imagine since it means that the last movie will be kind of just ‘poof’ magicked away into nothing if people take a liking to the Snyder Cut, which is a huge possibility since people tend to try and forget things they don’t care for.

4. Darkseid entered the war against the allied armies back in the day.

This would certainly lead to a different take since if Darkseid was there instead of Steppenwolf, then how in the world did the allies defeat him? And if they were both there, then HOW IN THE WORLD did the allies defeat them given that both Darkseid and his uncle are just THAT powerful? Sure, Superman would be able to step in and give them both what for, but he wasn’t born yet, and it’s not likely that Snyder would think to mention that Krypton had a vested interest in earth at that time and then suddenly forgot about the planet.

3. Wonder Woman is keeping something from the team.

She’s played it fairly cagey with people in the past, but thinking that she’s holding back something from her team is kind of hard to accept, unless she happens to think that they’re just not ready for it yet. But it could also be that she doesn’t have as much knowledge of Darkseid as one might think, though given that she knew the history of the battle for the Mother boxes it’s also kind of difficult to think that she’s not a little more up on history than that might suggest. In any case it does feel as though she’s holding back just a little.

2. The Amazons have knowledge of Darkseid.

It’s not too hard to think that the Amazon’s would be in a sharing mood since apart from Diana they really haven’t had anything to do with the other races for quite some time as they’ve been in seclusion on their island. But some intel on a possibly shared enemy MIGHT come in handy since obviously they can’t take Steppenwolf on their own and as a result it would faulty to think that they might be able to take Darkseid on their own either.

1. Darkseid could very well be on the way to the DCEU.

This almost feels redundant to say since a lot of people have been hoping this is the case for a while now since Darkseid is one of the biggest, baddest villains in the DC universe. But rest assured with Superman coming back things would even out again, especially since everyone on the Justice League holds a victory over Darkseid at some point in the comics. Look it up and you’ll see, the big bad has had his big, bad butt kicked a few times throughout his long history, and if he joins the fray it’s likely to happen again.

The sad thing is that if the Snyder Cut tanks people might think it’s a conspiracy.

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