What To Expect from I Am Cait’s Season 2 Premiere

I Am Cait’s second season opens with Caitlyn Jenner set to embark on a journey with a group of trans women who’ve been a support system. You’re rooting for her — joyous even, as she looks legitimately happy and free enough to live in the truth.  So far one episode has been shared with critics and it’s already ripe with controversy.   There’s the infamous “man in a dress” comment that infuriated trans advocates.   Jenner also admits that she’s extremely new to this and has a lot to learn.  So what can we expect this season?  Let’s take a look.

Kylie and Kendall

Expect a lot of these two on the show this year.  We should be expecting these two to show a lot of support but there’s no doubt there will be some friction.  Particularly from Khloe.  We knew that already but we have a feeling that more drama will ensue.  In the premiere, Kylie and Kendall make an appearance before the group takes off, and their cool levelheadedness is endearing. “I think she got pretty lucky,” Kendall says to Jenner’s group of friends.

Pressure from her friends

Jenner’s group of friends, which includes Candis Cayne, Chandi Moore and Jennifer Finney Boylan, get real with Jenner. The initial sweetness and empathy begins to decelerate the moment the ladies leave California and get on their well-appointed bus to trek across the country. Jenner will address big, uncomfortable questions, including which gender she wants to date (men, probably), which can’t be easy to just spit out.

Jenner Becomes Delusional and politics affect her greatly

Per TV Guide: You can smell the smoke coming from her friends’ ears as they try to wrap their heads around her reasoning; as a viewer, you start to just feel sad for her. Of course, she’s completely entitled to her reasoning for being a conservative. But in the context of the specific conversations her friends are trying to have with her on the bus, she just sounds like a rich white lady who has a lot of money and wants to protect it — someone whose fortress of privilege and abundance is so thick it cannot be penetrated, not even by facts and reason. She starts to look delusional, which, yes, makes the show compelling, but for the wrong reasons. You start feeling like you just want to get off the ride.

I Am Cait premieres Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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