Five Reasons We’ll Be Seeing New Netflix Movie “The Week Of”

There’s going to be a few reasons to see the new Netflix movie The Week Of starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. I know a lot of people would groan and roll their eyes when they hear that Sandler is starring in another movie since he hasn’t done anything over the top since Happy Gilmore. Well, honestly yes he has, but nothing that’s been so universally loved as that movie. Lately though he’s really been stepping his game up in an effort to show that he’s no longer the man-child that he once was and seemed to enjoy being. To date he’s been getting a lot more dramatic and keeping the funny stuff to a moderate level.

Really, at this point watching his films isn’t that bad since he’s calmed down.

5. Adam Sandler has grown up.

As he’s gotten older the whole man-child routine has finally gone away and he’s mellowed out a lot. Sandler is still in the process of becoming the actor we all know he can be but the point is that he’s very close and has done some great movies in the past decade or so. I know Reign Over Me was one such film that he didn’t get enough attention for since people were kind of sick of him at that point. But it was a great movie.

4. People need a more positive outlook at this time.

Like it or not our country is divided and race has become an issue in some parts of the nation, more so in various regions than others. This film, which shows a mixed couple getting married, should be seen as something very positive and as a way to show that people are people no matter what they look like or where they come from. The country needs more films like this to spread such a message.

3. Wedding season will be coming.

You could argue that wedding season never really goes anywhere since people will get married at various times of the year depending on how they want to do things. But spring is a big time for weddings since it means new beginnings and new opportunities. People, brides mostly, tend to start planning around this time and might enjoy this film for the mere fact that it’s coming out at this time of year.

2. It features some SNL favorites.

It’s not just Adam Sandler and Chris Rock that will be appearing in this movie, Rachel Dretch and Steve Buscemi will also be showing up. I’d be surprised if there weren’t cameos here and there in attempt to pack in as many people as they can get. You know SNL alumni tend to make use of one another’s talents for films from time to time and just kind of toss them in there for effect.

1. Adam Sandler’s been redemptive as of late. 

As I mentioned with Reign Over Me, Sandler has really been coming out as more of a dramatic actor that can really put his emotions onto the screen now rather than just shouting obscenities and nonsense. He’s become a real actor and has proven that he’s pretty good at what he does.

It could be worth a look.

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