Five Crazy Attack on Titan Fan Theories that Make Sense

Five Crazy Attack on Titan Fan Theories that Make Sense

Attack on Titan is the kind of manga that makes you shake your head and try to figure out just what’s going on before you actually get into it. So far a lot of fans have come up with theories that kind of make sense and are well-thought out enough that you can find some sense of reason in them. All you really need to know however is that the show is about the human-eating, massive beings called Titans and that they’re bound and determined to hunt down humans and eat them. Humanity lives in fear of the Titans and have erected massive, walled cities that are supposed to keep them safe. But against something so big it’s hard to imagine any kind of safety lasting for long and the Titans, despite being mindless eating machines, are still quite dangerous when they want something since they will stop at nothing to get at the humans. Many humans have opted to fight back and have had marginal success throughout the series, but as of now there have been two seasons of the show and people are definitely hooked.

Here are just a few of the theories that have been floating around.

5. Titans were created as weapons of mass destruction.

There just has to be a reason why they target humans nothing else. They obviously don’t need humans for nourishment since they spit them out after chomping on them for a bit. But given that they’re great weapons it wouldn’t be too hard to think that someone made them as a means of wiping out their enemies and things just kind of went sideways after that. After all it would seem that the Titans are not unlike wild beasts that could slip their leash once they’ve been given a path and a definite goal in mind. Being that they’re so much bigger and tougher than humans it could be that their prime directive became their only driving impulse.

4. Titans eat humans because they want to be human.

The idea here isn’t so much that they want to eat humans, but instead that on a subconscious level the Titans feel that if they eat a Titan Shifter, a human that can harness the power of a Titan but keep their intelligence and sense of self, they might become human. That could be why the Titans go on such a tear eating humans wherever they can find them. There’s always the off-chance that they might find a shifter and be able to take them down and eat them. Such a theory has the sound of desperation within it but there’s no discounting it at the moment since it’s not such a wild theory for this show.

3. The story is about Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is quite simply the end of the world and the rebuilding just to see the end of the world again. The Norse mythology leading to this is paralleled in some ways by the show and it is an interesting theory of how things have gone in the past and how they continue to go no matter how things get changed or how many people must die and how many still fight the good fight. There are a lot of hints as to why this could be the case in Attack on Titan.

2. There is a time loop theory.

This would suggest that the humans have been able to send someone back in time and yet that person hasn’t made anything better but is instead making the same mistakes. It would certainly be a feasible idea to explain the current state of things in the show but it would also be kind of depressing since it would mean that nothing was ever bound to get better since the more they continue to send someone back the strong the time loop becomes and the harder it will be to break it, if anyone can.

1. The bodies of Titans are made of yeast.

This sounds like a pretty crazy theory, and kind of a gross one, but it makes sense considering that Titans release a lot of gas and heat, just like yeast does when it gets too hot. The Titans expel gas and heat when they’re slain, and they also are more active during the day, which means that if they’re composed of yeast then it would allow for greater yeast production. There’s also the idea that since Titan’s bodies seem to be so light, at least when they’re dead, this could be feasible since yeast increases the volume of things, not the mass. It sounds like kind of gross theory when you think about it but it does make sense.

A show such as this was bound to draw more than a few insane fan theories, but thankfully a few of them do make a lot of sense if you apply them to the show as of now.

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