10 Things You Didn’t Know About Days of Our Lives

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Days of Our Lives

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives is one of the longest running soaps in the world, and it’s got a huge fan base. People tune in five days every week to watch their favorite Salemites take over their own little version of the world in the most interesting manner, and we never feel like we’re missing anything from this. But there is a lot that happens here we can’t explain, and a lot we don’t know about what’s been going on for so long. Here are 10 surprising things you might not know about the hit show.

One Two Things Remain the Same

Over the course of the past several decades, everything about this set has changed in some way, shape or form. The only two things that haven’t changed at all are the foyer ad the living room in the Horton mansion. While the walls were painted different colors over the years, the entire situation is all the same. It goes to show when you have good stuff, you get to keep it a long time.

Sami Wasn’t Always Sami

We all know and love her character even though she does come and go, but we are very shocked to realize Alison Sweeney was on the set for six years prior to becoming Sami Brady. In fact, she was the young Adrienne Johnson. Did you know that?

Drake Hogestyn Has Many Faces

He has one face, really, but he’s used it to play more than a half-dozen characters on the show over the years. He’s been everyone from a Black to a Brady to a DiMera to a Father. He’s been around, and we’re just impressed he can keep all those faces straight.

Sami’s Character Was A Man for A While

When Alison Sweeney went on maternity leave, her character was played by a man for almost six months. The show was brave to do this, but they didn’t let it go like that. They eventually let it go as a man being undercover for a while. It was interesting, and probably won’t happen again.

Family First

The show loves to hire family members of their original cast, and it’s a lot of fun. For example, Deidre and Andrea Hall both played characters on the show at one point, and so did Robert and Antony Alda. They love to hire inside the family, and we love that about the people here.

Marlena Does Have Personal Issues

She’s good at what she does, but she also lived about 20 years of her life working very hard to have a baby of her own. She kept her private life to herself, that Deidre Hall, but she did manage to get what she wanted in 1992. After two decades of trying, she finally had her baby.

Stefan’s Nickname is the Phoenix

The late Joseph Mascolo was Stefano DiMera, and he earned that nickname with years of avoidance. He would die in some tragic event that would kill anyone else, and then he’d come back. Again, and again, and again. He’s died so many times we can’t even count — and lived to tell the tale. Until, that is, the actor himself passed in 2017.

Dr. Horton’s Recast

Sometimes a character is so good you can’t just let them go when one actor is done with the role. You recast them. Dr. Horton was recast close to 20 times, and it’s hard to remember who is who when he walks in a room. Fans just go with the flow, though.

Marlena’s Honor

Marlena is certainly a fan favorite, but she’s also the first twin to appear on a soap opera with her twin. Ever in the history of soaps. What a fun honor to see them work together when so many other actors have to play their own evil twin or whatever.

Steve Johnson’s Eye Patch

There as a time when Steve’s eyepatch was taken off of his face and replaced with a glass eye. It was shocking to fans to see such a vital character without the most important part of his character. It wasn’t something that went over well with fans. We have to go with fans on this one. We aren’t sure we’d recognize him.

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