Are We Ever Going To Get to See Indiana Jones 5?

Are We Ever Going To Get to See Indiana Jones 5?

Are We Ever Going To Get to See Indiana Jones 5?

It’s something that fans of the franchise should have expected, but Indiana Jones 5 is going to be pushed back a year and will be coming out in 2021 instead of 2020 as was originally planned.  To be honest the film was expected to make an appearance in theaters in 2019 to start with, but thanks to other projects taking precedence it’s been continually pushed back until now it’s looking like it will be another three years before the franchise gets to continue forward. Right now there’s no telling what the story is going to be like since the original writer has had to be replaced and the duties of writing the script will fall to none other than Jonathan Kasdan, the son of Lawrence Kasdan, the man that wrote the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark. It seems fitting that Jonathan should take over the writing for the franchise that his father helped to start, and at this point there’s no way to tell just what direction the film will take.

But it should hopefully be something that can bring about a conclusion to the franchise, or the passing of the torch to someone that can continue the story.

Harrison Ford will be 79 by the time the movie comes out.

That’s if and only if production is going to be started on time without another date change. If things keep going this way the aging star might have to play a slightly tone-down role as opposed to what he used to play in the past. Despite the fact that Harrison Ford is still in good shape and looks pretty spry for his age the fact remains that he’s going to be kind of limited in what he can do. The human body after all can only take so much when age becomes a factor and there’s no telling what kind of crazy stunts and action sequences there’s going to be in this film. If you can recall, most of the other films saw Dr. Jones getting pretty physical, and while there are such things as body doubles and stunt doubles the fact remains that people are going to want to see Ford up close and personal at times and the truth is that he’ll eventually wear out if he keeps going the way he’s been going.

At some point the franchise has got to come to an end.

Does it feel as though Disney and other companies are making a serious cash grab by wringing as much entertainment as they can out of certain franchises? With all the sequels, reboots, remakes, and other films that are slated to come out in the near future it really seems as though Disney is attempting to burn through their ideas with as much fervor as they possibly can in an attempt to get every last cent that’s possible. The main problem with this seems to be that the more Disney pushes each of its films the worse the quality seems to get and the less fans have to look forward to. The last film, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was by no stretch of the imagination one of the most lackluster entries into the franchise and many fans have wondered just how a fifth movie could possibly right the ship so to speak. It was almost believed that Shia LaBeouf might reinvigorate the franchise as Indiana’s son, but that idea was quickly put to rest since Shia’s career kind of went off the rails for a while and his status as a star became a huge question mark.

Worst-case scenario, the production is pushed back again

There are almost always bound to be production issues, but this delay that has already pushed the film back two years in terms of when it’s expected to release could be catastrophic if any more time is taken in bringing it to the public. While obtaining a new writer that can devote his time and effort to the script will definitely help it’s also easy to question whether or not this will make that much difference when it comes to other matters that might stymie the film’s release date. No one wants to think about postponing it another year for fear that Harrison Ford might not be up to the challenge any longer, but the facts have to be faced sometimes when it comes to what will be pushed first and what will have to wait in terms of films. Given the status of this franchise you would almost think that it would take precedence over a great many other films, but perhaps it’s slight misstep with the last film could have been a contributing factor to why it’s being postponed yet again.

So far the word is that we’ll see it in a couple of years, but don’t hold your breath just yet.

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