The Early Reactions to “The Post” Are In

The Early Reactions to “The Post” Are In

The embargo for posting the sentiments on social media have been lifted last Monday night for Steven Spielberg’s The Post and the critics, who were fortunate enough to see the movie first, wasted no time on tweeting their reactions. Gladly, the consensus seems to be mostly positive.

The Post centers on a cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents which pushed the country’s first female newspaper publisher, Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) of The Washington Post, and its hard-driving editor, Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks), to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government in publishing the Pentagon Papers.

Most of the reactions have been positive. There were praises for Spielberg’s direction and the performances of Streep and Hanks. Streep’s performance in this film was called as one of the best in her career. The reactions also praised the score, cinematography, and the performances of the supporting players, particularly Bob Odenkirk, who played Ben Bagdikian in the film. They also noted the timeliness and the importance of the film on today’s social climate and they considered it as Spielberg’s best film since Munich.

Here are some of the tweets by the critics praising the film:

Although, film critic Eric Vespe gave mixed reactions to the film. He praised the cast and the timeliness of the film, but called it “a kind of a snooze overall.”

Surprisingly, there were some reactions that mentioned Odenkirk as the film’s standout in the supporting cast. It wouldn’t be surprising if he will emerge as one of the Best Supporting Actor contenders in the coming weeks.

In the official forum discussion of the film on GoldDerby, member CitizenBlake, who was also able to watch the film, stated that “Odenkirk won’t be a major player, but he certainly deserves praise, along with the rest of the ensemble. He delivers the best performance of the supporting actors IMO as well.” With the reactions in, besides Spielberg, Streep, and Hanks’ possible nods, we should also consider Odenkirk as one of the contenders for Best Supporting Actor given the reactions. If he will ever get an Oscar nomination, it would be in the vain of Jonah Hill when he got nominated for The Wolf of Wall Street.

There’s no doubt on considering The Post as one of the Best Picture contenders at the Oscars. The film might not be called as the best this year, but most reactions called it as the most important. If we will follow the trend of the Oscars on awarding Best Picture, The Post should be a safe bet. During the past two ceremonies, films with socially relevant issues triumphed. It happened with Spotlight winning over The Revenant and Moonlight winning over La La Land. Given the timeliness of the film, The Post should be considered as a serious Best Picture contender at the Oscars.

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