The Best Lonely Island Story You Didn’t Know about Involving Kiefer Sutherland

If you know anything about The Lonely Island you still might not know this story involving Keifer Sutherland. In 2000 the trio that was responsible for The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, were filming a video for their show, The Lonely Island, which was so named for the low-rent, modest apartment the trio shared. They would often stay up late at night recording music videos and coming up with ideas to pitch to networks while attempting to make their own brand a workable deal. The role that Sutherland played in this group’s rise to fame was small and not at all contributory but the story was something interesting.

The incident occurred when they were filming the episode of their show titled White Power!, in which the guys were acting as though they were becoming addicted to teeth-whitening products. There was a scene in the show where they are depicted mugging and elderly woman, which was completely fictitious and obviously staged. But regardless of that Keifer Sutherland happened to be in the area that day and saw the scene going down. The star then attempted to save the elderly woman from the guys only to be told shortly after that it was a skit for their show.

That’s not the first time that someone has mistaken a scene in a movie or on TV for being real, in fact they’ve even done this kind of thing in a movie. Recall Lethal Weapon 3, I believe that’s right, when Riggs saw his partner’s eldest daughter being held at gunpoint and didn’t even think before reacting. He ended up ruining a movie scene and almost getting her fired because of his selfless act. It was a rescue that was made with good intentions but wasn’t well thought through since he didn’t fully understand the situation.

That was the most likely explanation for Sutherland disrupting the set in this case, he just didn’t understand what was going on. However that says something very good about humanity that someone would actually take the time to stop and try to help another person. Too many people it seems ignore the ills and evils of the world these days, preferring not to get involved lest they have to actually care about another person. At least Keifer’s heart was in the right place.

Whether the fact that they were filming was obvious or not it definitely helps to find a venue in which control of the chosen set is more realistic versus the idea that just about anyone could come along and ruin the shot. The chances are good that they were quick to relay to Keifer that they were just filming, but the idea of anyone trying to mug the elderly is something that would draw the ire of almost anyone.

The Lonely Island never really went much of anywhere but of the three friends Andy Samberg obviously went the furthest since he’s been seen in movies and on TV rather prominently.

I wonder if Keifer even remembers this story.

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