Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Fights Machete, Wolverine, and Others in Short Stop Motion Film

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Fights Machete, Wolverine, and Others in Short Stop Motion Film

In fight between Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Machete, Wolverine, and others I think, as a fan, that I’d have to set things straight just a bit. The Terminator is awesome, despite what’s happened since T2, and the unstoppable machine that created a franchise is one of the greatest movie creations ever. But it does have limits as we’ve seen and massive damage, on the critical level, is among them. It’s amusing that whoever did this wouldn’t pit him against the Hulk, Vision, Iron Man, or any seriously heavy hitters, even Cyborg, that could really mess him up on an epic scale. But hey, if you’re talking hand to hand and firearms then Machete and Wolverine are among two of the best you could hope for in the movies.

But let’s break this down.

Guys with machine guns wouldn’t pose much of a threat, as the Terminator doesn’t fear anything and would walk through them with ease. Even when Machete decides to fire a grenade launcher at him it doesn’t do much since he’s built tough and can withstand this kind of punishment. In hand to hand Machete wouldn’t last long since his weapons, machetes, can’t hope to damage the Terminator nearly enough to cause any type of malfunction. The machine would simply wade through his opponents with ease, knocking them back without ever breaking stride. It’s Wolverine that’s the problem.

I know they can’t show as much in the stop-motion but the attempt was kind of poor simply because Wolverine has gone up against opponents such as the Hulk, and he would annihilate Machete. The only saving grace that the Terminator would have would be to literally rip Wolverine apart and keep pounding on each piece until they’re nothing more than a pile of mush. If that didn’t happen then Wolverine would theoretically be able to dice the Terminator to pieces unless the machine’s construction was stronger than adamantium, which is a fictional metal but in the MCU is stronger than a lot of materials. Wolverine has cut through metal far thicker than the Terminator’s body plates and kept on going.

At the end of the day however it really depends on who’s directing the fight and which character they’re a bigger fan of when it comes who wins. I mean look at the nonsensical Squirrel Girl, she never seems to lose even when she should be outmatched and outclassed. Somehow she beats up on the most powerful characters ever. And why? Because the writers want her to.

In this case I get the feeling that the creator of this short film just happens to be a big Terminator fan and the machine was meant to win from the beginning. Really such creations are highly subjective and don’t enjoy a lot of objectivity unless the creator doesn’t happen to care about any of them and goes completely off of stats. If that was the case though, Wolverine would have won quite easily.

Yep, I’m a Wolverine fan, but I also happen to like the Terminator. Throw in a few other characters however and this would have been an interesting fight.

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