American Gods Loses Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green

American Gods Loses Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green

American Gods Loses Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green

It has been announced that the American Gods showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green will be leaving the production. The circumstances suggest that this is not a friendly parting of the ways, seeing as how the two will be leaving in the middle of the production process with half of the scripts for Season 2 completed and half of the scripts for Season 2 uncompleted. Furthermore, there have been reports of clashes over the course of the series with Fremantle Media, which owns the rights to make the novel into the series. Regardless, both Fuller and Green will have other series to occupy their time, but it remains to be seen what will happen to American Gods from this point forward.

Speaking of which, some people might have heard the rumors that the American Gods author Neil Gaiman would be stepping up to fill Fuller and Green’s place. This is not as ridiculous as it might sound on initial consideration, seeing as how Gaiman is serving as the showrunner for the upcoming Good Omens, meaning that he has some relevant expertise and experience in addition to his obvious familiarity with the source material. However, it is important to note that Gaiman has rejected that idea in clear and unambiguous terms. Very bluntly, he stated that he would continue showrunning Good Omens to its continuation. After which, Gaiman will retire from showrunning so that he can return to being a writer. Summed up, there is no chance of Gaiman replacing Fuller and Green whatsoever.

As a result, American Gods is now in a state of limbo. The first season of the series was successful enough that it is bound to continue in some manner, but it remains to be seen how it will be continued without the people who were instrumental in bringing it to the TV screen.

Should Fans Be Concerned?

Speaking bluntly, this is serious cause for concern on the part of the fans. After all, showrunners have enormous influence over their series, meaning that a change of showrunners will result in significant changes to the resulting product. Something that could cause serious unease in the viewers even if the new showrunners handle the transition well. Of course, unsuitable showrunners can have even worse effects on the resulting product, which could threaten its continuing existence. So far, no one has been announced as replacements for Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, but whoever steps up will have some rather impressive shoes to fill, which will not be an enviable position to be in to say the least.

Still, cause for concern is far from being cause for panic. Instead, people who are interested in American Gods should continue paying attention to entertainment news so that they can learn the latest news about the series as soon as it becomes available. Once they have had more information made available to them, interested individuals will be able to make a better, more informed decision about how they should react to the departure of Fuller and Green from the production of American Gods.

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