Alright, So Who Should Really Play Ahsoka Tano?

Alright, So Who Should Really Play Ahsoka Tano?

There have been several articles floating around lately pertaining to the subject of just who should take up the mantle of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars and there have been a couple of great mentions and some that have been begrudgingly accepted by a large number of people as possibilities. During the Rebels animated series it was seen that she might have perished during a showdown with Darth Vader, but thanks to Ezra Bridger it’s been seen that Ahsoka lives on thanks to time travel, though whether or not she’ll finally step into focus as a live action character is still in question. There are plenty of women in Hollywood that might want to try their hand at becoming the Togruta female, especially since the job comes with a great deal of attitude and the promise of being able to shine as a beloved character in a franchise where such individuals tend to be remembered for a long, long time. But just who would fit the role?

Here are a few picks that might be worthy of note.

5. Brie Larson

Remember I said begrudgingly? Hopefully Brie could keep her rhetoric down for a part like this if she did get selected and was able to accept since her tirade during her Captain Marvel push left a lot of sour feelings on the floor and had a lot of people wondering if the casting director had seen her appointment to the MCU as vindication for something that didn’t require such action. As far as attitude goes she’s got plenty of it, but using it on screen versus off is the big decider as to whether an individual can work with a cast and crew and not be seen as a troublemaker that’s better off being left as a maybe instead of a definite yes. Mike Floorwalker of Looper has more to say on this matter.

4. Chloe Grace Moretz

This might almost take Chloe back to her Hit Girl days when she was one of the best characters on the screen, but whether or not she’d say yes to this is kind of hard to say since some people tend to feel a certain way about taking on roles that are so highly scrutinized. If you have any doubts that Ahsoka’s casting and subsequent role on screen wouldn’t be pored over by a legion of Star Wars fans then all one needs to do is read a few reviews on the latest movie to get the idea that the fans will find each and every flaw they can and exploit it in a way that makes the Salem Witch Trials look like a polite social gathering.

3. Emma Roberts

Emma really appears more versatile than she looks to be on screen at times since she can fill a role fairly well but changing gears does require some work. This role might be a challenge for her really since she’s been used to playing something far different than what Ahsoka represents, and in reality Emma hasn’t exactly come close to doing anything like this in her career as of yet. But really, that’s why this would be perfect since it could force her outside of that comfort zone in order to really see what she has to give and what she can do when she’s not being given the leeway to stroll down the same path that she’s been on for a while.

2. Olivia Cooke

She’s already been in one of the biggest pop culture movies of the last decade so making the jump to one of the biggest franchises doesn’t feel as though it would be that big of a deal. She’s shown that she has the attitude and the ability to showcase that she has a strong sense of right and wrong with the ability to improvise when she needs to, now she just needs the training and the opportunity to show that she can grab onto a mantle that many fans have come to believe is one of the most dynamic in the franchise despite the fact that Ahsoka has kind of been tucked away for a good part of her existence.

1. Rosario Dawson

According to Ryan Scott of MovieWeb Rosario is one of the only women, perhaps THE only woman, actively pushing to take on the role of Ahsoka, and she wants to do this when The Mandalorian comes back for season 2. That’s an interesting proposition really since it would bring back a couple of fan favorites but it would also bring up a very interesting story line. There’s no way to tell if this will happen or not but given that Rosario is actually well-suited to play the role since someone figured that Ahsoka would be well into her 40s by the time The Mandalorian came around, it does appear that things could work out if they were developed in this manner.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Ahsoka and a few others in the next season of The Mandalorian.

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