A Harry Potter Theme Park is Coming To Tokyo

A Harry Potter Theme Park is Coming To Tokyo

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The deal has been made and it sounds as though 2023 will be the year that construction will begin on the Harry Potter theme park in Toshimaen. Even almost two decades later the Potter craze is still one that many people have opted to hold onto, as magic has long been a fascination of many, and the manner that JK Rowling used to bring the story to the people has continued to be something that many fans around the world find appealing and absolutely enchanting. It’s likely that construction will take a while and hopefully by that time travel won’t be as big of a deal, meaning those that have the means can make their way to this theme park in order to see what all the fuss is about. Until then it’s likely that we’ll see updates from time to time and will likely find a lot of comments being levied once construction is actually underway. It feels fair to say that Tokyo will be putting everything they can into this project in order to attract as many people as possible since like it or not, the popularity of Harry Potter is still quite high, but as each year passes new fans have to be wowed and amazed with what’s available or they might end up passing on it to enjoy the next big thing. That’s the way of show business after all, especially since if the audience isn’t pleased or constantly entertained then the story being told becomes irrelevant to a lot of people.

It’s still hard to figure, at times, just how Harry Potter became such a worldwide phenomenon. From the writings of an author telling a story to the movie theater to the current state of things, Harry Potter has been an idea that somehow took off in a way that many can likely admit that they didn’t see coming. After all, there are plenty of plot holes in the story that a lot of people would gladly point out, even if it feels a bit childish to do so since it doesn’t exactly diminish the love that people have for the story. There’s the idea of teaching magic to kids who are too impulsive, kids that are highly emotional, and kids that tend to act out in ways that could harm themselves and others with the magical knowledge they have. Then there’s the idea of being taught to use magic but not practical means of self-defense. And then there’s the idea of going to school just to learn magic, but not learn any other practical skills since magic is used for just about everything. See where I’m going with this? A wizard or witch might actually be lost without their magic since unless they do possess the skills that muggles do when it comes to the mundane world, and some of them no doubt do, it would almost feel that muggles are a little stronger for their need to know a bit more when it comes to the world around them and how to operate in it.

That’s a lot of conjecture however and when it comes to magic the idea is that it can do just about anything, even though there are limits that are imposed by the author, and of course by various laws that are set in place by such things as the laws of physics and the surrounding world. Even the wizarding world has its fair share of limits as to what the various characters can and can’t do, otherwise, it’s likely that the wizarding world would take over quite rapidly in Rowling’s story since there apparently aren’t a lot of defenses in place to stop this from happening anyway, as it was shown when the Death Eaters decided to start causing havoc in the human world. But apart from all this, the story has remained popular even with massive plot holes and people have continued to flock to the idea through the years in an attempt to enjoy it and to get future generations into the idea that it’s something worth celebrating. That it’s found a home overseas isn’t too hard to grasp since so many people have been keen to the idea for so long that it’s easy to think that this won’t be the only time we’ll hear about someone deciding to bring a bit of the Potterverse to their home.

The attraction is bound to have people from all over the world coming to visit since there are plenty of fans that will go just about anywhere if their favorite story is being represented, especially if it means taking a vacation to do so. So expect to hear more about the Harry Potter attraction in Tokyo in the years to come, since it’s bound to be a big deal once it’s all said and done.

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