10 Things You Didn’t Know about Truck Night in America

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Truck Night in America

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Truck Night in America

The show Truck Night in America is something that appeals to a lot of folks that love to get waist-deep in an engine and could watch others doing crazy things with their off-road beauties all night if given the chance. This kind of show is adrenaline-fueled an is usually capable of drawing enough interest that it’s become something you might hear people talk about from time to time. This is the type of program that you might turn on if you are truly into seeing what these motorists can do with their rigs and what they’re willing to endure when it comes to winning the final prize at the end. It’s not easy by any means but being that it’s reality TV you can assume that some things are slowed down if only because the production team needs to get the right shot to hype it up to the viewers.

Here are a few things you might not know about the show.

10. The drivers each modify their trucks in order to give them the edge on the course.

Obviously the drivers have to modify their trucks in accordance to the rules and regulations of the show, so there can’t be any unfair advantages that might be out of bounds in terms of what’s allowed on the course. After all it’s about ingenuity and the ability to endure the course, not absolutely dominate it with something that could blow everyone away.

9. There are no more than five drivers per race.

Any more than that and it would seem like a free for all that might not end in the way the showrunners want. This way the group is small enough to keep the interest of the viewer but just big enough to make it entertaining and even exciting.

8. The drivers get to work with and be advised by trained mechanics and professional drivers.

These coaches are people that know what they’re looking for in a vehicle and can give tips and advice to those that are competing. As the number of contestants is whittled down round by round they begin to pair off with individual racers in an attempt to get more one on one time with those they’re selected to help.

7. The trucks have to be modified for each round.

There are new challenges each round to be faced so it’s essential that the drivers be able to modify their rigs so as to meet them. They’re not given a huge amount of time in which to do this but with their coaches on hand it’s not quite as complicated as people might think.

6. It’s a part of the History channel.

This might seem like an odd show to put on the History channel but there’s some justification for it if you really look at the history of America and how our transportation needs have changed throughout the years.

5. The last two drivers at the end go through The Green Hell, which is the final course.

By the final course things have definitely gotten more intense, and The Green Hell is a 3-mile course that’s designed to test the mettle of the final two drivers in a manner that pits them against the terrain as much as each other.

4. There’s a $10,000 dollar reward that goes to the winner.

Considering what each of these vehicles has to cost and the modifications that have been done to them it seems as though $10k might not be a huge prize to win, but it’s nothing to just laugh off either since it’s a good chunk of money that many people can use to great extent.

3. Any repairs that need to be made are given just one hour to be completed.

This kind of makes you think that the drivers might baby their vehicles just a bit throughout the competitions in order to avoid any serious damage, but that’s not really the case. They don’t always take unnecessary risks, that’s for certain, but things are going to happen now and again that the drivers aren’t fully prepared for, and they’ve got to be ready to fix any damage on the fly.

2. There’s a casting call to determine who gets to be on the show.

It’s not just a ‘come one, come all’ kind of show where people get in line and wait their turn. This show is discerning about who they let in and who just isn’t cut out for it. For instance you have to be at least 18 and your rig has to meet certain standards before even being considered for the show. So no, you can’t be a 20-year old grocery clerk with a tricked out Honda that wants to take on the big boys.

1. You can’t be a candidate for public office if you want to be on the show.

This seems like an odd stipulation but it’s one of those that is made plain and clear on their admission form. If you want to race then your political aspirations have to be put on hold.

It seems like a fun show to watch.

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