Category: Horror

Horror movie coverage including spoilers, reviews, pictures, videos, recaps and interviews.

Let’s Talk About ‘Smile’

An initial look at this trailer immediately makes one think of Truth or Dare, especially when the wide, maniacal smile comes out for the first time. But there

Movie Review: Day Shift

Admitting that there are a lot of vampire movies out there is easy. Admitting that a lot of them are hot garbage is a little more difficult since a lot of mov

Movie Review: Moloch

There are quite a few movies out there that deal with tales of possession, of evil spirits that live out in the wilds or were lost with an ancient civilizatio

Movie Review: Backcountry

Horror movies set in the woods tend to have a lot of similar elements to them that become a little tiresome after a while, especially when it comes to a coupl

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