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Action movies coverage including spoilers, reviews, pictures, videos, recaps and interviews.

Movie Review: Free Guy

It’s not that often that gamers think about NPC’s, but it’s something that a few people might have considered a time or two. NPC’s, no

Movie Review: War on Everyone

Movies about corrupt cops are usually highly dramatic and action-packed affairs. But one thing they usually depict is a cop, or cops, seeking to clear their n

Movie Review: Fistful of Vengeance

It’s fair to say that if one wants to understand this movie they should watch Wu Assassins on Netflix since it might make a lot more sense. Plus, after

Movie Review: The Adam Project

It’s not often that a movie like this, with Ryan Reynolds, comes around, right? A lot of people have seen Reynolds as the bad boy thanks to movies like

Movie Review: Project Power

As a movie that’s supposed to display those with superpowers that are granted by a pill, Project Power is, well, still kind of goofy, but in a decent wa

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