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About TV Overmind

At TV Overmind, we’re looking for freelance writers who are excited to write about great TV shows, brilliant movies, and the things that make them so good. We want to celebrate great media, with a smaller focus on why some content falls short of our expectations.

TV Overmind is a diverse and inclusive team and welcome writers of all backgrounds to share their words with the world.


  • Write Articles About Movies, TV, & More: You’re here because you love TV, movies, and the people that make those things happen. At TV Overmind, you get to write articles about those very things, either picking up topics suggested by the editors, or coming up with your own ideas.
  • Pitch Great Article Topics: You’ll come up with great angles for topics we want to cover and discuss. Working with an editor, we’ll refine these to be the perfect fit for our site and readership, and empower you to have your voice heard.
  • Optimize Articles & Meta-Data For SEO: While writing the article is the most fun part, it’s important that your work is seen by people who will enjoy it, so there are technical aspects that must be included (don’t worry, we can guide on this if you’re not familiar with the processes).


  • Excitement: The number 1 thing we look for in our writers is enthusiasm for the content that we’re writing about and an eagerness to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas about that content.
  • Great Storytelling: While an article isn’t a short story, a good one has a narrative element that leads the reader through the content. We’re looking for writers who have a good grasp of language but can also create an interesting read with how they structure their content.
  • Previous Experience?: We’re open to working with writers of all experience levels: we do not require strict previous professional experience. While we’re looking for writers who have experience in writing in general, we recognize that for a lot of people that writing hasn’t always been in areas that show up well on a resume and might not be published in an easily viewable space. We may well ask for other sorts of writing samples, but do not be put off applying because you haven’t done this exact work before.

What We Offer

  • Pay Per Article: We pay for every article you write with different tiers of compensation depending on the length and content of the article. These tiers and the content of the article are all agreed before you start writing a piece, so you always know what you’ll be receiving.
  • Create Your Own Schedule: With the exception of some high-priority pieces, you can set your own due dates and write when you like! We’re an international organization, so there’s no expectation of any individual being active in a particular window within their timezone.
  • Decide How Much You Write: Outside of the monthly minimum, you can write as much or as little as you like in a month. If you want to write more, we’ll pay you for those articles, if you need to take it easy and focus on other things, we’ll be here when you’re ready.
  • A Safe & Supportive Space: Our editorial team are from all walks of life and we want TV Overmind to be a safe and inclusive space for all where people are happy and feel comfortable reaching out.

Other Positions

TV Overmind – Part-Time Editor

At TV Overmind, we're looking for editors who are excited about our content, eager to contribute ideas, and skilled and helping to guide writers to improve.

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