Would the Dragons Have Any Chance Against Godzilla?

Fantasy movies and show creators have demonstrated their limitless imaginations by pitting different apex predators against others in thrilling cross-overs. Who would have thought Godzilla versus Kong’s battle would elicit wild emotions and imaginations, sending both the creators and the audiences into a frenzy of desires to test the limits of each of these alfa bests further? While many people are already demanding a rematch between Kong and Godzilla, others are thinking beyond their realm to see how other large creatures would fare against their threatening powers and capabilities. The wildest of these thoughts is how the largest of the existing dragons in the House of the Dragons would perform against the fearless Godzilla. No one can doubt that Godzilla proved himself against Kong in so many instances, almost coming on top of every encounter, perhaps, mildly hurt, and establishing his position at the top of the pack. The question is, would the beasts of the air challenge his dominance?

Credit: Godzilla vs. Kong

While Kong did not have notable supernatural advantages other than his demonstrable physical energy, tenacious mobility, and creative use of weapons like Godzilla, the dragons come close to this beast through their ability to breathe fire so hot it can burn through anything one can think of. This power has an unmatched advantage in any battle they engage in, effortlessly destroying massive buildings, large human armies, and even night walkers in the Game of Thrones. The dragons’ unique dominance in ravaging their enemies with flames would meet a perfect match in the atomic breath that makes Godzilla far more feared in any realm. Unlike fire, Godzilla’s natural weapon would easily annihilate any supernatural being, including the dragons, in a flash, considering its capacity to obliterate city structures and even drill the earth’s core into the underworld. This power alone severely disadvantages the Dragons so much that one feels a fight between the two creatures would be unfair.

Credit: Godzilla vs. Kong

Although destructive abilities are the defining factor in monster vs monster clashes, size is one feature anyone would not want to overlook. The often ignored and undermined trait proved worthwhile in Kong vs. Godzilla fights, where the sheer size of the ape enabled Kong to surprise the multiple advantaged giga-reptile even in the aquatic environment. Kong didn’t go easy on Godzilla, using every bit of the edge his size offered to challenge him, whether on land or underwater, in undreamt of ways. However, in this case, comparing Godzilla and dragons, including Vhagar, is truly uncalled for. As much as anyone would want to make a case for the House of the Dragon monsters, they appear unmatched. Even if descriptions reveal that the shadow of their wingspan could cover an entire town, let’s not mistake that their actual body size would be anything close to the gigantic mass of Godzilla. In any case, Vhagar can only be as large as the largest airplane, while Godzilla goes toe-to-toe with the tallest skyscrapers. That difference speaks volumes and diminishes any imagined chance that dragons would worry Godzilla. Saying that Godzilla would have an easy time blasting the dragons with his nuclear-like breath would be an understatement.

Credit: House of the Dragon

The many vulnerabilities of the dragons make the idea of fighting the unkillable Godzilla boring. Dragons are certainly terrifying in their world, where they only need to worry about tiny humans they tramp over or blaze with fire. What’s surprising is that the puny people go as far as fatally hurting the massive creatures, something impossible for Godzilla. The beast appears unbothered by the missiles in Godzilla vs. Kong, shaking off one attack after another and only focusing on the primary threat. If dragons crossed his path, they surely would face their worst opponent, coming up against a monster that has never tasted defeat against ruthless creatures in its entire lifetime. It suffices to say that they would be wiped out in a matter of seconds without mounting considerable resistance.

Without taking so much from the dragons, they are no match for Godzilla. Their limits are well within the human environment, and exposing them to the limitless powers of a superior being like Godzilla would only further dent their already established position in fantasy films and shows. Although the idea of a cross-over to pit the two monsters against each other may be enticing, there is no doubt the thought is far-fetched. It earns no credit for bringing a less-worthwhile opponent where they have no chance whatsoever.

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