Why The Suicide Squad Should Be An Elseworlds Story

Why The Suicide Squad Should Be An Elseworlds Story
Why The Suicide Squad Should Be An Elseworlds Story

James Gunn and Peter Safran‘s DCU will soon be in full swing. Additionally, The Suicide Squad will be one of the crucial figures of their connected universe. Though Gunn has yet to confirm another Suicide Squad film or show, Waller is already set in motion as one of the new entries that will happen during phase one. Having Amanda Waller as the central focus of an entire series is a great idea.

In the comics, Waller is a gritty and complex character with a tragic past. There are plenty of strong stories to tell about the DC villain. That also goes for the Suicide Squad, as Gunn has barely scratched the surface with these characters. However, as great as The Suicide Squad was, if these characters were a part of DCU’s shared universe, then they’ll be held back from their true potential. Like The Batman or Joker, The Suicide Squad should be an Elseworlds story.

The Suicide Squad and The DCU Heroes Shouldn’t Get Along

James Gunn The Ayer Cut featured.

The biggest continuity issue that both Suicide Squad films barely address where Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or any of the prominent heroes of the DCEU are. The odd thing is that Batman and The Flash are in David Ayer’s version of Suicide Squid. Waller does come in contact with Bruce Wayne at one point. He threatens to send the Justice League. There isn’t much that comes from that interaction following that extended cut moment.

Peacemaker at least addresses this issue. However, it’s odd that these characters are on the same team. The biggest problem with a connected universe is that there’s no way the likes of Batman, Superman, could be killed off. Amanda Waller is a villain, first and foremost. One of her biggest rivals is Batman, who finds out her true identity in the comics. There’s simply no way that these heroes would allow Waller’s Task Force X to roam around without any pushback.

It would be great if these were topics addressed in the upcoming Waller series. How do the heroes feel about the Suicide Squad? Given the fact that the Justice League is in Amanda Waller’s pocket, they may be fine with it. However, it would be great if one of the main heroes weren’t. It would be an extremely compelling arc of seeing one of the big DC heroes at odds with Waller and her Task Force X.

The Suicide Squad Would Be Allowed To Be…The Suicide Squad

Cast of 'Suicide Squad'

The Suicide Squad is comprised of a team of villains. Gunn didn’t shy away from that too much in the film Peacemaker. Though, the envelope wasn’t pushed far enough. At best, these guys and girls toe the lines of an anti-hero. At worse, they’re the most despicable people on the planet. King Shark has eaten innocent people, some are even his own teammates! Harley Quinn has harmed children. Every character on Team Force X has done deplorable things.

Their actions and behavior won’t simply go away without, even with a bomb strapped to their heads. This nature within these characters should be explored. James Gunn promised that no one was safe in the sequel/reboot. However, it wasn’t hard to figure out the core characters that would live and die, namely Harley Quinn or Bloodsport. Focusing on the eternal conflicts and demons that these men and women deal with makes them feel grounded and human.

The Stories Should Veer Away From The Generic Save The World Angle

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

More importantly, the stories shouldn’t just be about the team trying to save the world. Waller has tried to force the Suicide Squad to commit heinous crimes under her belt. The challenge of morality and good vs. evil would greatly suit the entire Suicide arc in general. That’s not to say that this stuff won’t be in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel (if one does come), but the stories surely won’t be as risky or bold if the universe is indeed connected with one another.

Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad have the big “they must save the world” plight that collectively bonded them together. Sure, there was the surprise Peacemaker turn, which resulted in the murder of Rick Flagg. Still, that type of arc shouldn’t in this brand. Waller has forced the Squad to kill top-level government officials and other superheroes for her own personal gain. A premise of that nature makes The Suicide Squad a million times more interesting.

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