Why Kate Chastain Is The Best Thing About Below Deck

Why Kate Chastain Is The Best Thing About Below Deck

Kate Chastain was the Chief Stewardess on the TV show Below Deck for six seasons. She was very popular with the viewers because of her humor and hard work. Even when she had problems with her co-workers, she stayed strong and did her job well. Her fans really want her to come back to the show.

Kate started on the show in its second season and quickly became a favorite. She replaced the first Chief Stewardess, Adrienne Gang, who wasn’t liked by the viewers or the crew. Chastain worked well with everyone on the boat and became good friends with Captain Lee Rosbach. Altogether, this made people like her even more.

She Was A Good Chief Steward

Kate Chastain In Below Deck

Kate Chastain did a great job as the chief stewardess on the ship. She worked hard and was good at organizing things. For example, she could set up a beach party/special dinner or make sure the guests got top-notch service. She made sure the people working under her did their jobs well, like parts in a well-run machine.

In one season of Below Deck, the ship’s cook, Matt Burns, was not doing a great job with the food. The ship’s captain, Lee, told him he needed to do better. Just before the last trip of the season,  worked with Matt to make a special menu that would really impress the guests. Chastain was always ready to help out, and she did whatever she could to make both the guests and the other workers happy.

She started her work on ships in 2007, and she quickly found out she loved it. In fact, she’s worked in different places like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Central America, and New England.  The reality TV star worked hard and moved up until she was the top helper. She was great at planning big, fancy parties.  The stewardess has hosted parties for famous people from all walks of life.

Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Are Mature Friends

Kate Chastain And Captain Lee In Below Deck

On the TV show Below Deck, it was important that the main stewardess and the captain got along well. This was true for Kate Chastain and Captain Lee. They had a really good friendship, not just on the show, but also when they weren’t filming. They respected each other a lot, and this made their teamwork on the yacht better. Even though other crew members sometimes caused problems, the stewardess usually didn’t.

The pair often met up in a city in Florida called Fort Lauderdale. She was also friends with Captain Lee’s wife, Mary Anne. They were seen together on a TV show in New York called Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Captain Lee once said that he missed working with her on Below Deck and was surprised when she decided to leave the show

She Doesn’t Like Any Drama

Kate Chastain In Season 7 of Below Deck

Kate Chastain sometimes disagreed with other workers like Rocky Dakota, Jennifer Howell, and Caroline Bedol. She didn’t worry about making friends, she just wanted to do her job well. If people made mistakes, she told them. Some people considered her too tough, but she thought she was helping them get better. The hostesses who came after her wanted to be liked more than they wanted to deliver a job well done. That’s probably why people believe Chastain was one of the best at her job on the show.

However, this doesn’t mean that she was immune to drama. In Season 7, she had problems with Kevin Dobson about how to serve guests. Even with these problems, they were able to work together when there was a problem in the kitchen.

In another season, the hostess was worried about how Katie Flood was dealing with Lexi Wilson‘s bad behavior. Wilson was acting out and didn’t say sorry in a real way, which caused problems. Chastain was worried that Flood was too scared and losing control.

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