Why Is 2013’s “Evil Dead” a Classic Horror Remake?

Credit: Evil Dead (2013)

Whether the directors and producers like it or not, every remake nowadays faces criticism from the audience and the critics. The reason behind this disapproval is the remake of a few bad movies that have tainted images of every remake. A remake like Evil Dead (2013) doesn’t only honor the original The Evil Dead (1981) beautifully, but it also creates a terrific new piece of horror cinema. So it will not be wrong to say that Evil Dead is a perfect remake of a classic horror movie. 

The plot is quite intriguing due to the Latin phrases.

The first thing that makes any movie classic is its strong plot. At the very core, the plot of both Evil Dead (1981) and 2013’s The Evil Dead is nearly identical. A group of teenage friends discovers a book and an audio tape in a cabin in the woods. One of them releases the demon by reciting the Latin verses. After possessing one of their friends, they must fight off to survive. 

Credit: The Evil Dead (1981)

Remaking The Evil Dead was quite a tough job.

Remakes are mainly reserved for the movies that didn’t turn out well the first time round. The Evil Dead original and its sequels, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, gained a cult since they were released. The Evil Dead was Sam Raimi’s second feature film and his first foray into the world of horror. Its impressive practical effects, low budget and cult status lead to the ban of this movie for some time. So while remaking The Evil Dead – although the original was a unique horror in itself – the director still decided to recreate it by adding what was missing in the masterpiece. 

The story of the remake is almost similar to the original Evil Dead.

The best thing about this horror movie is that it doesn’t have a typical story outline where a group of friends goes to a cabin for a party, like in The Cabin in the Woods. Instead, they visit their grandparent’s house in the woods to re-establish the broken bonds. I’m a fan of both the original and the remake; the story revolves around a drug-addict girl who goes to the cabin with her brother and friends who would help her get rid of her drug addiction. There she encounters some supernatural forces that overpower her, and she starts killing her friends, finally leading to the death of her brother along with her friends. 

Credit: Evil Dead (2013)

A strong brother and sister relationship is highlighted.

The bond between Mia, the possessed sister, and her brother David is the main focus of the whole story. The brother is seen fighting till the end for his sister’s sake, whom he had let down several times. He saves the soul of Mia by following the advice from Naturom Demento and brings her back from the dead. This bond would have lasted well. That’s what everyone might have thought at that time. But thanks to Eric, David sacrificed himself for his sister’s sake. He tried to save his and his sister’s souls by burning down the cabin, but all in vain. Because at the end of The Evil Dead, there is a rain of blood; Abomination had taken the five souls for rebirth. 

Things that are needed to make a movie a perfect classic horror:

Several things create a perfect classic horror movie:

  • A memorable villain 

In Evil Dead, the villain is the Abomination that possesses Mia and makes her kill everybody. 

  • Perfect jumpscare

Different things scare people, like spiders, creepy kids, an abandoned cemetery, etc. The Evil Dead, unlike the TV show Ash vs. Evil Dead, in which the zombies are funny instead of horrifying, is one of the scariest movies ever. While in Evil Dead, it’s more about possession, black magic, and other terrifying things. 

  • Music

All the classic horror movies have one thing in common, i.e., music. Our emotions are manipulated by background music. The screaming, ominous music, etc., make the environment darker and horrifying.

  • Marketing

 The chillingly effective marketing helps in creating a classic horror movie. Marketing is the best way to promote anything, especially when it comes to horror movies, as small repulsive clips make it more interesting to watch. 

The perfect ending makes Evil Dead (2013) a fantastic horror movie.

Credit: Evil Dead (2013)

Like all other movies, this movie faced criticism from the fans. Some believed that David shouldn’t have died at the end, while others appreciated it by calling it a perfect ending for a classic horror movie. If David had survived, it would be more like a happy ending. To sum up, Evil Dead is an excellent remake of the original The Evil Dead because only one person stayed at the end of both the original and the remake.

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