Who Were the Main Characters of 2010’s “Clash of the Titans”?

Who Were the Main Characters of 2010’s “Clash of the Titans”?

What happens when mortals defy the gods? For long, mortals have been made to believe that their very existence is by the mercies of the gods. But the gods’ immortality can only be maintained when mortals worship the gods. To defy the gods is to make them mere mortals.

When Queen Cassiopeia mocks the gods by boasting about her daughter, Princess Andromeda’s beauty, it’s enough to insult the gods can swallow. So, Hades takes it upon himself to punish the mortals for their insolence.

Unless the people of Argos offer Princess Andromeda as a sacrifice to the gods, he’ll unleash the sea monster, the Kraken, to destroy all of Argos in ten days. Perseus, a demigod, must rise to the occasion and protect Argos from Hades’ destruction.

Although Clash of the Titans was a success at the box office, grossing $493.2 million on a $125 million budget, it was nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards. Yikes!

Read here to learn more about the film’s most notable characters.

Perseus (Sam Worthington)

When Sam Worthington isn’t playing Avatar, he takes on the character of Perseus, a demigod. Perseus is the child of Zeus’s affair with a mortal woman, Danae. A fisherman and his wife raise Perseus until Hades reveals his true identity.

Perseus goes on a quest to kill Medusa and take her head to kill the Kraken. Perseus returns triumphantly in his quest and eventually kills Hades’ Kraken.

Zeus (Liam Neeson)

Liam Neeson plays Zeus, the gods’ king, and Olympus’s ruler. He’s also known as the god of lightning and thunder. Zeus’ affair with Danae produced a demigod, Perseus. Although Zeus deforms Danae’s husband, King Acrisius, he leaves Perseus to be raised by a fisherman and his wife.

Zeus created mortals to worship the gods. Their worship and sacrifice maintain the gods’ immortality. So Zeus is disappointed when his mortals refuse to respect and worship the gods.

Tricked by Hades, he allows Hades to unleash the Kraken. Then, to help Perseus on his quest for Medusa’s head, he offers him a sword forged from Olympus.

Hades (Ralph Fiennes)

clash of the titans cast

Ralph Fiennes plays the movie’s main antagonist, Hades. Deceived by Zeus to rule the underworld, Hades naturally dislikes Zeus’s mortals. However, while the gods gather at Olympus to express their disappointment and frustration at mortals, Hades appears and offers a solution.

He starts by killing Perseus’ mortal parents. Then, he interrupts King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia’s campaign against the gods. Finally, he wants to unleash the Kraken but would offer mercy if Argos sacrifices Princess Andromeda.

Io (Gemma Arterton)

Gemma Arterton plays Io, a character loosely adapted from the mythological figure of Io. Unlike in the myths, Io has watched over Perseus since childhood. However, a mortal woman, Io, is plagued with agelessness—a curse she received from a god for turning down his advances.

Io will join Perseus in his quest to get the head of Medusa. Although she gets killed, Zeus revives her when Perseus refuses to become a god. She’s also Perseus’ love interest.

Princess Andromeda (Alexa Davalos)

clash of the titans cast

Princess Andromeda is the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. She openly confronts her father and mother about disrespecting the gods. Her mom publicly taunts and disrespects the gods with her beauty. When Hades interrupts the ceremony, he demands that Princess Andromeda be sacrificed to appease the gods.

To prevent that, Perseus goes on a quest to find Medusa’s head to kill the Kraken. In appreciation, Princess Andromeda offers Perseus a seat by her side to become King of Argos. Perseus politely declines the offer, as his heart belongs to Io.

King Acrisius/Calibos (Jason Flemyng)

clash of the titans cast

When mortals challenged the gods, King Acrisius led the campaign. Zeus, infuriated at the arrogance and disrespect, had an affair with his wife, Queen Danae. When King Acrisius found out, he asked that the queen be killed, and the child was placed in a chest with the mother.

Angered by what King Acrisius had done, Zeus struck him with a lightning bolt. This act deformed King Acrisius into Calibos, a deformed creature. Left as Calibos, King Acrisius’ mind is corrupted by Hades.

When Perseus begins searching for Medusa’s head, Hades sends Calibos to try to stop them. Although Draco severs Calibos’ hand, he returns to stab Io fatally in front of Medusa’s temple lair.

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