Why Eric Forman Was the Worst Character on That ’70s Show 

Usually, the worst characters that were really worth this designation on That 70s Show were those that weren’t main characters.

Playing the part of a teenager that lives under the iron rule of his father and the somewhat clueless guidance of his mother, Eric was the kind of guy that you couldn’t help but think wasn’t entirely responsible for everything that went on in his life.

The only problem was, he did cause a lot of his own problems and wasn’t exactly the model citizen as some folks have said he was.

Eric was a horrible boyfriend since he did appear to think that Donna was meant to be his girlfriend no matter what and that he would be able to be as condescending as he wanted even though he knew that she was intelligent and fiercely independent.

Eric was horrible to his friends from time to time, he was a pain in the neck to his parents, and he was the type of boyfriend that likely deserved a good slap to the face a time or two.

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