Ultraman Rising on Netflix Delivers a Kid-Friendly Kaiju Adventure

Ultraman Rising on Netflix Delivers a Kid-Friendly Kaiju Adventure

Netflix continues its streak of original movies with the new animated film Ultraman: Rising. Following the successful releases of Hit Man and Under Paris, this latest addition is poised to make its mark, thanks to its kid-friendly take on the beloved Japanese superhero.

A New Chapter in Ultraman’s Story

Based on the famous character from Japanese pop culture, Ultraman: Rising provides a fresh entry point for newcomers while retaining elements that long-time fans will appreciate. The plot centers on Ken Sato, voiced by Christopher Sean, a superstar baseball player forced to return to Tokyo and assume his father’s role as Ultraman when giant kaiju monsters threaten the city.

Balancing Humor and Drama

The story kicks off with Tokyo under attack, prompting Ken, son of Professor Sato (voiced by Gedde Watanabe), to step up as the city’s savior. As if taking on the mantle of Ultraman isn’t challenging enough, Ken finds himself the reluctant guardian of a 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby kaiju. The narrative explores themes of family and responsibility while maintaining a light-hearted tone, even in dire moments.

Ultraman Rising on Netflix Delivers a Kid-Friendly Kaiju Adventure

Early Reviews Are In

The early reviews are overwhelmingly positive. IndieWire’s David Ehrlich described it as a fun, sincere, and thoughtfully conceived piece of kids entertainment. Meanwhile, Tim Grierson from Screen International acknowledged the film’s vibrant visuals as a standout feature, even though he found the story somewhat predictable.

As of now, Ultraman: Rising boasts a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes based on initial reviews. While it’s important to remember that this score is subject to change as more critics weigh in, it’s starting off strong.

An All-Ages Appeal

This Netflix offering stands out not only for its engaging storyline but also for its appeal across different age groups. It’s always refreshing to see content that families can enjoy together without compromising on quality or entertainment value. Ultraman: Rising seems to have struck that balance perfectly.

Ultraman Rising on Netflix Delivers a Kid-Friendly Kaiju Adventure

A Must-Watch?

With standout vocal performances by Christopher Sean and Gedde Watanabe, thoughtful writing, and stunning animation, Ultraman: Rising is well on its way to becoming a favorite. We’ll provide our final verdict later this week, but for now, it looks like Netflix has another hit on its hands.

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