Top 10 Aylin Mujica Telenovelas You Must Watch

Top 10 Aylin Mujica Telenovelas You Must Watch
Top 10 Aylin Mujica Telenovelas You Must Watch

Aylin Mujica is one of the queens of telenovelas. Although she starred in a few films, most of her work has been on television. The actress was born in Havana, Cuba, on November 24, 1974. The Cuban beauty is an actress, model, and ballet dancer, living in Miami, Florida.

Mujica’s work-life began at an early age, as a model at 13. She’s also known for her work on stage, performing in notable plays like Dracula and La Casita del Placer. Mujica has been married and divorced three times, with each marriage producing a child. In honor of her work in telenovelas, here are the top 10 Aylin Mujica telenovelas to watch.

1. Yacaranday (1999)

Aylin Mujica as Yacaranday in Yacaranday

Yacaranday was one of Aylin Mujica’s earliest telenovelas. Before it, she had featured in three other telenovelas in a recurring role or as a series regular. Yacaranday became her first telenovela in a lead role. Mujica is cast as the series’ titular character, Yacaranday. She also plays Mónica Robles. Mujica’s character is one of the telenovela’s lead protagonists, with Jorge Luis Pila playing Adrián.

2. Háblame de amor (1999–2000)

Aylin Mujica modeling

Háblame de amor is literally translated as Let’s talk about love. The telenovela is based on and a remake of Liliana Abud and Eric Vonn‘s 1988 Amor en silencio (Silent Love). In Háblame de amor, Aylin Mujica played Lucia. Mujica’s Lucia is the best friend of the lead character Julia Toledo Saldivar (Danna García). Lucia is also the divorced wife of Alvaro (Carlos Torres Torrija) and a former lover of Armando Aguilar (Leonardo Daniel). The series ran for 124 episodes.

3. Agua y aceite (2002)

Aylin Mujica

Agua y aceite is loosely translated as Water and Oil in Spanish. The telenovela aired 35 episodes from January 7 to February 22, 2002. Aylin Mujica is cast as a series regular in the role of Déborah Ríos. Although she isn’t the series’ lead protagonist, Mujica’s performance as Deborah still stands out. Agua y aceite follows the story of Julieta (Christian Bach) and Ernesto (Humberto Zurita), a reporter and a journalist. Their paths cross when they’re invited to give an analysis on a current affairs program. Their chemistry will lead the TV producer to give them their show, Agua y aceite, to anchor.

4. La heredera (2004–2005)

Aylin Mujica Instagram

Aylin Mujica is cast as one of the series’ protagonists. La heredera is translated in English as The Heiress, and centers around the Madero Grimaldi family. Aylin Mujica plays the sister of the main protagonist. Mujica’s character is Lorena Madero Grimaldi, a beautiful woman with an addiction. However, the series’ love story focuses on María Claudia Madero Grimaldi (Silvia Navarro) and Antonio Bautista (Sergio Basañez). The telenovela aired for 200 episodes.

5. Marina (2006–2007)

Aylin Mujica in Marina

The Telemundo telenovela Marina made its 169-episode run from October 16, 2006, to June 28, 2007. Aylin Mujica is cast as twin sisters, Laura and Verónica Saldivar. On the one hand, Laura, who’s Daniel’s wife, is in love with Ricardo Alarcon Morales (Mauricio Ochmann). Laura is also the best friend of Ricardo’s wife, Marina Hernandez de Alarcon (Sandra Echeverria). Her twin sister, Verónica, is also in love with Ricardo. She’s one of the series’ villains, as she kills her twin sister and uncle. She hates Marina because she’s Ricardo’s wife.

6. Sin senos no hay paraíso (2008–2009)

Aylin Mujica

Sin senos no hay paraíso loosely translates to English as Without Breasts There Is No Paradise. The telenovela’s storyline is loosely based on the 2006 Colombian telenovela Sin tetas no hay paraíso. Aylin Mujica played Lorena Magallanes, one of the movie’s villains. Lorena Magallanes works with a member of the Juarez Cartel to traffic heroin through breast implants. They find young Colombian ladies and convince them to have breast implants to attract powerful drug lords. Mujica’s role is more like a guest cast, appearing in 28 of the series’ 167 episodes. Yet, her performance is one of the series’ highlights.

7. Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres (2009–2010)

Aylin Mujica in Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres

Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres (Generation Y) is translated as Rich Kids, Poor Parents and was produced by Telemundo. Aylin Mujica plays Verónica Ríos de la Torre, one of the series’ antagonists. The character is Lucía Rios (Fabiola Campomanes) sister, who houses Lucia and her 17-year-old daughter, Alejandra Paz (Carmen Villalobos) when they are deported back to Bogota, Colombia. Verónica has an obsessive love for Gabriel Granados (Gabriel Valenzuela). The character ends up in an asylum towards the end of the series.

8. Aurora (2010–2011)

Aylin Mujica in Aurora

Aurora is a telenovela about love, friendship, and betrayals. It starred Aylin Mujica as Vanessa Miller Quintana de Álvarez. The character is introduced as one of Aurora Ponce de León’s (Sara Maldonado) friends who secretly despises her because she’s also in love with Lorenzo Lobos (Eugenio Siller). Mujica was nominated for The Best Bad Girl at the 2012 Premios Tu Mundo for her portrayal of Vanessa.

9. Corazón Valiente (2012–2013)

Aylin Mujica in Corazón Valiente

Corazón Valiente is translated as Fearless Heart and has a star-studded ensemble cast that includes Aylin Mujica. Again, Mujica plays one of the series’ antagonists as Fernanda del Castillo/Victoria Villafañe. The series follows the lives of two friends, Ángela Valdez and Samantha Sandoval Navarro. Mujica was nominated for her role in the series and won at the 2012 Premios Tu Mundo for “The Best Bad Girl” category.

10. Los miserables (2014–2015)

Aylin Mujica in Los miserables

Aylin Mujica starred in Los miserables in a special guest appearance. She plays the younger sister of the series’ main protagonist, Lucía Durán (Aracely Arámbula). Mujica’s character, Liliana Durán, is also one of the antagonists. She received accolades for her work on the series. Aylin Mujica was nominated for Best Female Antagonist at People en Español (2014) and The Best Bad Girl – Novela at Premios Tu Mundo (2015).

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