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This Friday will be the winter finale for the popular CBS reality show The Amazing Race. It is hard to believe that 25 cycles of this show have been produced since 2001. The 25th edition has given the 11 teams a few different experiences than they were accustomed to in the previous seasons. The winners of the first leg were awarded a Save prize, which would protect them from elimination if they were the last team to arrive at the pit stop. Another new twist this season is that four teams will be traveling back to America with a chance of winning $1 million. The four teams still left competing are: The Wrestlers Brooke and Robbie, The Surfers Adam and Bethany, The Sweet Scientists Amy and Maya, and The Dentists Jim and Misti. We at TV Overmind have been placing bets on who we think will take home bragging rights as the winners of the 25th edition of The Amazing Race and become millionaires. Take a look and see how we think each team will end up placing in the final leg that will take the teams to Los Angeles.

4th Place The Sweet Scientists

Names: Maya Warden, 29 and Amy DeJong, 24

Relationship: Lab Mates and Best Friends

Had this season been like the previous ones, Maya and Amy would have been eliminated at the last pit stop at leg 11. They were overjoyed to find out that they would still be making the trek back to the United States with the chance of winning the money. There are many reasons why we feel that Amy and Maya will end up in 4th place. The Scientists have yet to win a leg, which is pretty hard to do anyway since Jim and Misti have taken 5 of the 11 wins. So, it would be surprising to see a team that has never placed first, actually win the entire game. However, it is possible. One of Maya and Amy’s strenghts is their extreme intelligence. After all, they are both Food and Science PhD students. They were able to show off their intelligence by quickly attaching a side car to a motorcycle when neither one had much experience using tools. Another downfall for the girls is that they are too gullible. On leg nine, the two believed Brooke and Robbie when they told them that the clue was not at the one monument in Sinapore. This almost cost them the game. Also, Amy injured her leg about halfway through the race and almost passed out at the end of leg 11. If there is a run to the finish, they would not make it their first.

3rd Place The Wrestlers

Names: Brooke Adams, 29 and Robbie E. Strauss, 30

Relationship: Girlfriend and Boyfriend

We are a little surprised that Brooke and Robbie were able to make it to the final leg of the race. However, they have really stepped up their game during the last few weeks. The couple proved to be a force to reckon with when they were the only team to choose the Catch option during the Detour of leg 1o in Sinapore. The other three teams would not have been able to trudge through the waves and then carry the basket back to shore filled with fish. Though, Robbie was grossed out by holding the fish, they still performed well. During leg 11, Brooke finally pulled her weight when the two competed in the basketball competition. She was a little rusty at first, but after a few minutes she was making shots like an old pro. The Wrestlers definitely are at a strength advantage, but one of their downfalls is they are not the brightest crayons in the box.  Not reading clues entirely could cost you, especially during the final leg. Another issue the team has is Brooke’s negativity. If a task proves to be the least bit difficult, she will want to give up and try something else, which will cost the couple time. The tasks are only harder this far in the game and I do not think they will be able to hack it.

2nd Place The Dentists

Names: Jim Raman, 37 and Misti Raman, 36

Relationship: Husband and Wife

It was hard for us to decide who we thought would take second and first. But we feel Jim and Misti will end up losing in the end. Throughout the entire season, Jim and Misti have proven that they are worthy competitors. After all, they have placed first five times already. However, it seems that Jim is the one pulling the weight most of the time. Sure, Misti has helped out some, but when they are struggling to complete a task it is because she was not holding the tea tray with one hand or she was not reciting the food from the menu correctly. If she messes up like this during the final leg, they will not be able to recover from it. Another issue for The Dentists is Jim’s cockiness. He has shown this quality for the entire season and it has hindered them during some of the tasks. The most recent example was when the two were putting together the motorcycle. He spent a majority of the time discussing how he knew he would do such a good job, but then forgot to attach one of the shocks.

1st Place The Surfers

Names: Adam Dirks, 26 and Bethany Hamilton, 24

Relationship: Husband and Wife

Adam and Bethany are probably the most likable team in the history of The Amazing Race. Because of this, they were able to develop strong relationships with the other teams and were never really seen as a big threat, which got them far in the game. Adam and Bethany are also very good competitors. Bethany proved you do not need 2 hands to play basketball during leg 11 and Adam did an excellent job making up for lost time quickly delivering coconut products during the same leg. What truly makes these two athletes stand out is the fact they never argue, even if one of them makes a mistake. Never getting angry with your teammate will pay off in the end for these newlyweds. $1 million to be exact.

Who do you think will win the 25th cycle of The Amazing Race? Let us know in the comments section below.

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