The Five Best Sitcom Dads Of The 2000s

The Five Best Sitcom Dads Of The 2000s

There is no such thing as a great sitcom without an amazing dad in the cast. Since the genre blew up in the 80’s, there’s been no shortage of wonderful television dads that can be tough, loving, and level-headed throughout a difficult situation. Though the way a father has been represented has shifted throughout the years, it’s important to note that sitcoms do an excellent job of highlighting the importance of father figures in a family life.

Father’s a far from perfect. And this list contains a bunch of names that perfectly represent that. However, their characters are what helps bring the heart to the overall series. More importantly, they also aid in the laughs in whatever situation presented onscreen. These are the best fathers of the modern generation.

The Bernie Mac Show – Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac

I know this is cheat as Bernie Mac wasn’t technically a father. However, Bernie instantly brought in his sister’s three kids when she was in dire need of assistance. Any man who can step in and willing take care of someone’s kid has the right to be called a father. It wasn’t smooth sailing for Bernie Mac in the early goings as the first couple of seasons was about him trying to understand Vanessa, Jordan, and Bryanna.

Along the way, there were some hilarious highjinks that usually involved the kids turning Bernie’s life upside down. Or his wild reactions to the situation at hand. Who doesn’t remember, “Busted the head until the white meat shows” or “I’m gonna kill one of those kids”. Despite the gruff exterior, Bernie Mac loved those three kids and fondness for there through the five seasons documented the impact he had on their lives.

Malcolm in the Middle – Hal Wilkerson

The Five Best Sitcom Dads Of The 2000s

Malcolm in the Middle helped draw in a new generation of fathers. While Roseanne and Married…with Children helped established middle-class families, the culture and time had changed when the show premiered in 2000. Hal and family represented more of the weird/normal side of regular families. He was goofy, hard-working, and somewhat of a pushover to his wife, but not so much so that he wasn’t a man of his own free will.

Hal felt like a wholesome and normal dad. He was the spitting mirror of a reality – a loving dad who was simply trying his best. Hal would often get caught up in his son’s shenanigans. He was always a likable figure even when he had to get tough on Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey. He was one of the more funnier dads who didn’t necessarily have the traditional male traits that often portrayed in shows of this nature.

That ’70s Show and That ’90s Show – Red Forman

The Five Best Sitcom Dads Of The 2000s

That father that’s most infamous for finding creative ways to say he’ll put a boot up Eric’s ass. Despite his stern and tough demeanor, Red Forman always had some one of the show’s best one liners. However, there was always dimension to the character. While it was always fun to see him threaten Eric and the kids, his relationship with Laurie and Kitty brought him full circle.

His favoritism towards to Laurie was a fun juxtaposition, though it was never mean spirited. His love for Kitty made him a grounded character would clearly loves his family. There were plenty of heart warming moments with him and Eric throughout the entire show. Kurtwood Smith didn’t lose a beat in his return in That ’90s Show, and him and Kitty are easily the best parts of the new series.

Everybody Hates Chris – Julius

The Five Best Sitcom Dads Of The 2000s

A refreshing representation of average fathers, Julius (Terry Crews) was the breadwinner of a middle-class family. The funniest situations involving Julius are mainly due to his extreme methods of saving money. However, the patience he has dealing with not only Drew, Tonya, and Chris, but his wife Rochelle, made for some of the most uncomfortable, but relatable situations that a sitcom has presented. Everybody Hates Chris covered a lot of truth when it comes to Black families growing up in poor neighborhoods – making the show just as insightful as it was funny.

Schitt’s Creek – Johnny Rose

Schitt's Creek

In one of the more underrated shows to creep up in the mainstream is Schitt’s Creek. Johnny (Eugene Levy) is literally the glue that keeps the family together until everyone develops out of their pampered and sheltered lifestyle. Johnny’s interactions were a riot whenever he had to deal with Alexis, David, and the most over-the-top and sometimes deranged character – Moira. Johnny’s deep level of normalcy nicely balanced with the colorful personalities of his families and anyone in Schitt’s Creek.

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