The Five Best Amanda Seyfried Movies of Her Career

If you can believe that Amanda Seyfried was a model and a soap opera star then you’d be a good judge of where she’s been and what she’s done. Of course that kind of assumption needs to include that she’s also a rather talented and intelligent young woman despite the fact that instead of attending Fordham University she went off to start her career when she was granted a role in the always-talked about film Mean Girls. From that point it became obvious that she was the kind of young woman that had enough of a presence on film to establish a career and keep it moving forward. Don’t go thinking she’s never had to work for anything though since she has been through the experience and has seen enough of the world in order to know how to roll up her sleeves in order to get the job done. That and the fact that she’s an award-winning actress makes it evident that she’s a rather interesting person.

Here are some of the better movies from her career.

5. Alpha Dog

The world of drug dealers and the problems that such a profession seems to come with is detailed quite well in this movie but if it has a following at all it’s a cult following at best. It’s more interesting than it was given credit for however since the plot is simple enough to follow but messed-up enough to think that anyone trying to get away with a kidnapping that turns into a fun time for the person being kidnapped is kind of lax on what it means to hold a person for ransom. The long and short of it is that once Johnny and his group kidnap the brother of a dealer that owes him money they lose all track of what they should do and eventually come to the only conclusion that makes sense to them.

4. Mean Girls

Oh the days of high school. It seems as though in every movie when you tally up who’s the worst person in the school that guys usually come off as more brutish and less intelligent and the young women come off as catty and just mean-spirited. That’s a narrow version of the movie and of high school hierarchy in the movies, but it seems pretty close when describing this movie to be honest. Regina is by far the best and worst example of a popular girl in high school and puts people through the kind of misery that proves that not only is she just a wicked person, but she has a lot of self-loathing as well.

3. Mamma Mia!

It’s hard to think anything positive about a woman that, after having been with three men, at different times it needs to be said, has no idea just which one of them is her daughter’s father. But all in all this is a fun and quirky film about what it really takes to make and maintain a family and how it doesn’t always matter who helped to create a life, so long as people are willing to step forward and take care of the person that came from their contribution. You can imagine however how confusing it might have been for Sophie to realize that she had three potential fathers and no clear answer as to who was the one.

2. In Time

In a very strange future no one ages past a certain point in their lives, but they’re kept alive by relying on time that is transferred through skin contact and is allotted for however much work they perform in a given day. People do anything to purchase more time, as time is, in this world, the currency that runs the place. When a single person is gifted an inordinate amount of time and then mistakenly thought to have killed the man that gifted it to him the status quo is immediately upset and law enforcement begins to hunt for him, as time is not something to be squandered or stolen in this strange but intriguing future.

1. Dear John

Love is an enduring thing, no matter how far apart two people tend to be at any given time. When John and Savannah meet it seems destined to be, and even despite being deployed more than once in their relationship she decides to stick with him. But eventually when one deployment lasts weeks, then months, then years, she has to let him go in order to go on with her life. When he returns they attempt to start things up again despite the fact that she is married and her husband is battling lymphoma. When her husband dies he gets a letter from her, and by the end of the film they reconnect once again.

Amanda has definitely reached the status of a seasoned, veteran actor at this point in her life.

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