The Berzattos Should Have A Spin-Off

The Berzattos Should Have A Spin-Off
The Berzattos Should Have A Spin-Off

The Bear has just dropped, and the series came out with an excellent sophomore season. There’s plenty to discuss when it comes to the second season. However, their biggest point of conversation is episode six — Fishes. This flashback episode focused on Carmy, Richie, Natalie, and the rest of the family during Christmas time.

This episode was cameo galore. Best Supporting Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis played Donna “Dee” Berzatto. Emmy nominees Bob Odenkirk and Sarah Paulson played Lee Lane and Michelle, respectively. John Mulvaney was Stevie, and Jon Bernthal returns as Michael “Mikey” Berzatto. This was a packed episode, and yet it’s not the cameos that made it the best of the second two. It’s a brief look into the Berzattos and why Carmy is dealing with anxiety and grief in his life.

We understand why Carmy, Richie, and Natalie are the way they are in present times. However, following a mini-series focused on the Berzattos would still be an entertaining feat. It could explore the dangers of mental health even further.

We Can Better Understand The Dynamic Between Lee and Donna


Surprisingly, there aren’t many scenes with Lee and Donna alone. In the beginning, Mikey, Nicole, and Carmy outside smoking heavily implies that the two are fighting inside. Their first onscreen interaction was tame but didn’t feel like a couple in love. But there’s also no ring on Donna’s finger, and she’s clearly flirting with Jimmy.

Is Lee the reason that the family is so divided? Sugar (Natalie) calls him Uncle, but Carmy scoffs at that notion. During the infamous dinner scene, Mikey berates him for trying to replace their dad. His dynamic is never exactly clear, though it is confirmed that he isn’t blood-related. Understanding the dynamic between him and Donna would be a great aspect to dive into. It would also open the seeds of why Mikey hates Lee so much. And their exposure to their relationship may be able to uncover the truth behind Donna’s problems with alcohol.

Why Mikey Felt That Suicide Was The Only Option Left

Mikey The Bear

Mikey’s character is fascinating. It was originally believed that he committed suicide due to the stress of running the restaurant and essentially being broke. However, all the money found in those cans proved not to be the case. Mikey crying in the bathroom opened a wider scope of his mental health and detailed that he was also not okay.

The biggest mystery about The Bear is about his father. What happened to Mikey, Carmy, and Natalie’s father is not mentioned. There have been implications about him, but nothing has been outright confirmed. Jon Bernthal is so great with the character that it would be interesting to see what Christopher Storer can come up with for his character.

Why did Mikey feel that suicide was his last option? There are certainly other inner demons going on with Mikey that the show hasn’t addressed. Putting the spotlight on this character briefly will fill the gap that prompted Carmy to return to Chicago in the first place.

Donna’s Hatred Towards Natalie


Donna is not okay. However, it was noticeable that there was a certain level of tension and anxiety between Donna and Natalie. Natalie was doing everything she could to ensure her mother didn’t get drunk again. But there’s a deep underlying in their relationship. Sugar was continuously timid and nervous around her mother.

Hell, the whole eight-fish angle where she simply means that there’s some trauma between mother and daughter. The whole family dynamic is worth going back into in general. Carmy’s decision to leave for Copenhagen. Cousin Michelle’s tolerance of Donna’s behavior. How this family became such a fractured mess in the first place? We don’t need multiple seasons worth of episodes, but a spin-off mini-series would be a compelling saga that highlights the damage mental health and family can have on their kin overall.

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