Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)
Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

The Bear has finally landed on Hulu! This season Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) is venturing out of the sandwich shop business and going into fine dining. The problem? The place needs massive repairs, and the crew spends their days and nights trying to get the place going. The Emmy-nominated series takes a different approach in the second season of The Bear by exploring the personal lives of the supporting cast.

The highly acclaimed series has unforgettable moments that help solidify its status as one of the best shows on television. This article will focus on the last five episodes of the second season of The Bear. This will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want anything important revealed, then check out the second season first.

Mikey Throws A Fork At Lee Lane

Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

Granted, the entire season has been great, but this was a masterclass in acting and storytelling. It’s hard to choose a moment, but the Mikey/Lee banter definitely deserves its place on the list. The seeds were planted when Lee (Bob Odenkirk) interrupted Mikey’s (Jon Bernthal) story earlier in the episode.

It’s clear that Mikey’s health was on a decline at this point. His crying alone in the bathroom was a powerful moment. However, his emotions spilling into anger towards Lee was intense and nail-biting. Bernthal was amazing in this scene. Of course, Odenkirk held his own as well. Egging Mikey on and calling him out in front of the entire family was gut-wrecking. The Bear does an excellent job at diving into mental health, and this scene was packed with so many layers beyond the initial topic at hand.

Natalie Asks Donna If She Was Okay

Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

The star of the Fishes episode of the second season of The Bear was Jamie Lee Curtis. The entire episode built up to this one moment of her finally having a breakdown. “Are you okay?” is a completely normal question to ask. However, Donna knows that she isn’t okay. Combining that with her abusive behavior towards Natalie, this was an incredible scene that managed to top the Mikey/Lee altercation.

Her character is a disheveled mess, and Curtis was able to showcase it throughout her entire performance. The unkempt hair. The hands shaking. The frustration of her family not helping her (even though they were desperately trying to help). Donna was a ticking time bomb, and seeing her finally explode furthers the issues Natalie (Abby Elliott) and Carmy face. A tragic yet compelling scene that led to the craziness of Donna crashing the car into the house. Altogether, this makes it a moment to look out for in the second season of The Bear.

Richie Talks To Chef Terry

Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

The focus on Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) in the following episode was brilliant. Cousin Richie has been a fun character, though he could often be frustrating. To witness his journey in a different part of the world was fascinating. To go from being depressed over the news about his ex accepting a marriage proposal to happily singing Taylor Swift in his car was a fun ride.

The big cameos didn’t stop in episode six. Oscar winner Olivia Colman organically made her appearance in a heartwarming discussion with Richie. This is what The Bear does best. These intimate and quiet conversations have so much weight and gravitas behind them. Plus, it was cool to see Colman and Richie end off such a wonderful episode.

Donna And Pete’s Conversation

Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

The tale of Donna Berzatto continues to be heartbreaking. In a season finale that was firing on all cylinders, the big moment of whether their mother would come was the big question. There are still so many unresolved issues between the Berzatto family.

Donna’s fear and nervousness were understandable, and Jamie Lee Curtis remained at top form here. Chris Witaske was equally brilliant. The battle of conflict was well written on his face as Donna made him promise not to tell Natalie and Carmy that she was there. Here’s hoping that wasn’t the last time we see Curtis pop up in The Bear. She’s been phenomenal.

The Point Where Carmy Snaps

Top Five Moments Of The Second Season Of The Bear (Episodes 6 – 10)

With only five minutes to spare, Richie manages to pull the entire opening dinner to victory! That should be a cause for celebration. However, for Carmy, it only brought out the worse of his demons. He gets stuck in the freezer, and he’s rightfully pissed off. Though the dinner goes well without him, he still feels like a failure, so he blames his relationship with Claire.

Carmy and Claire’s relationship was sweet, though it was clear that the show was using it as a plot device in regards to his career. Carmy’s argument with Richie was another heartbreaking moment. However, he completely snapped when Richie called him Donna. It was an intense situation that has us questioning what is to come in the next season, even though the dinner turned out pretty good in the end.

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