Terra Nova – “Occupation / Resistance” Season Finale Recap

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceTerra Nova reaches the end of its first season order with tonight’s eleventh and twelfth episodes ‘Occupation,’and “Resistance,” and with it Terra Nova faces its final battle when Lucas’ army invades from 2149, while Jim and Taylor form a resistance against the occupation to return control of the colony, and protect the new paradise they’ve created.

In the year 2149, Lucas oversees preparation of the army he plans to take back with Terra Nova, when another man from his organization, Weaver, joins to question Lucas’Nyko Raptor scar, and whether their use of Hope Plaza will be successful. Lucas sinisterly assures his comrade that they’ll get in successfully.

Meanwhile back in Terra Nova, Jim and Tayor oversee security preparations for the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage, and Lucas’potential attack, noting that even destroying their manmade gate wouldn’t prevent the worst from arriving, only scatter it randomly. At home, Maddy seems less than concerned about their chances, while Josh worries about his long-lost girlfriend Kara on the pilgrimage. Jim assures his family that they’ll get through the fight, and that he’ll look out for Kara as well.

On the morning of the 11th pilgrimage, Maddie and Mark exchange a good luck kiss and their first ‘I love you’s’as Taylor reminds Wash of the need to stay and guard the colony in his absence. As the convoy rolls out and prepares for the arrival of the first new settlers, guns firmly trained, several people emerge from the portal without incident. Eventually Josh’s girlfriend Kara arrives and warmly greets Jim, but just then a man with a bomb strapped to his chest emerges from the portal and detonates, devastating the security force at the gate and knocking Jim out in the process.

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceWhen Jim awakens in the infirmary, mostly unable to hear his attending nurse, he stumbles outside to find the colony in ruins, Phoenix Force patrols stomping about, and Lucas, his contact and Mira overseeing the surroundings from Taylor’s post. Elizabeth ushers him back to the infirmary before a soldier attacks him, and informs him that the explosion took place three days ago. Destroying the gate re-opened the rift closer to Terra Nova itself, leading to an easy victory for the opposing forces, 26 colonists having died before Wash ultimately surrendered the fight.

Jim returns home to the relief of his children, but Josh mourns the fact that Kara seems to have been killed in the initial explosion, blaming himself. His gun taken by the soldiers, Jim then learns from his wife that the soldiers confiscated weapons, and enforce a curfew, keeping the survivors of Terra Nova alive as a bargaining chip with the still-missing Taylor. They’re outnumbered, but Jim may be able to formulate a plan by talking with the now-deposed Wash

At a bar surrounded by the enemy soldiers, Jim finds Wash and attempts to end her self-inflicted punishment for surrendering the colony, when she reveals that the Phoenix group brought their own time portal gate, only to have it destroyed by dinosaurs. The soldiers have enlisted Malcolm to repair it, and Jim and Wash formulate a plan to continue resisting the soldiers.

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceMira drops by the infirmary to visit Jim, only to find he’s already gone. He’s gone to see Malcolm, who explains that he’s only helping the soldiers under thread of death, and has deliberately slowed down repairs. When Lucas and Mira arrive in search of Jim however, Jim and Malcolm devise a plan in which Jim appears deafened, crippled, and incoherent as a result of the explosion. Lucas quickly abandons hope of using him, while Mira remains unconvinced of Jim’s bad health.

The next day Lucas celebrates with a morning drink, as Weaver arrives and sends Mira to a mysterious mission in the Badlands. Lucas also creepily summons Skye, intent on reminding her of her betrayal and that given their history with Commander Taylor, they should consider themselves brother and sister. He makes awkward advances on his so-called ‘sister’and reminds her not to betray him again. Meanwhile in line for their rations, Jim gets the idea that Josh should ask for his job at Boylan’s bar back, so that they might hear drunken soldiers’rambling on about their plans.

While cleaning out bullet wounds of a Phoenix force soldier, Elizabeth notices the bullets to all have the same number etched into them, eventually confirming with Jim that the numbers are a message from Taylor, coordinates on how to find him. Newly incensed, Jim manages to sneak on Lucas’s convoy transporting the ‘Pyro-sonic bomb,’when Casey Durwin pretends his wheelchair broke down in its path. Lucas eventually joins Weaver at a ridge overlooking the areas of Terra Nova they plan to decimate in search of meteoric ore, Weaver even sniping a harmless Brachiosaur despite Lucas’apparent discomfort.

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceHaving escaped from the convoy, Jim meets with Mark, Taylor and the other soldiers in the woods and relays news of the bomb, something young soldier Riley believes she can defuse once they’ve traced the signal to its location. The group races to the bomb as Lucas’s transport races away from the blast radius, and they manage to disarm the device only moments before Weaver planned to detonate it. Enraged at his failure, Lucas fires multiple missiles at the opposing team from the ridge, but fails to destroy his father’s rover.

At night, Taylor and Jim discuss their respective losses, and Taylor provides him with a rotating frequency communicator to keep in touch before sending Jim back to the colony. Jim manages to re-enter the camp by playing up his ‘delusion’condition and makes it home, while Elizabeth worries about the dangerous mission they’ve undertaken. Jim assures his wife that no matter what, he always makes it back to her.

Over the next few days, Jim manages to attach transponders to the enemy soldiers’vehicles, making them slim pickins’out in the jungle for Taylor and his men. Wash too helps the effort in her own ways, and Lucas eventually realizes that someone must be helping his father from within the camp. He heads to Boylan’s bar and taunts Josh Shannon in an effort to draw out his father, even dragging out poor Skye to remind her of her father shunning her. Josh loses his cool and takes a few swings at Lucas, only for the guards to string him up so Lucas can enact his revenge. Skye runs to fetch Jim from a resistance meeting, and Jim blows his cover by rushing in to defend his son and taking out multiple guards. When the soldiers finally get a grip on Jim, they search his pockets and find the transponder, for which Lucas throws them both in the brig.

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceDuring their time in captivity, Josh forgives his father for flying off the handle all those years ago and getting himself put in prison, before Lucas arrives to free Josh at Skye’s request. Jim’s punishment is far from over however, as Lucas pulls a taser to aid in getting information about his father. Meanwhile, Elizabeth treats Weaver’s increasingly itchy bug bites, only to inform him him that she’s actually injected him with a small amount of parasite larvae, and won’t provide the antidote until he helps free Jim. Meanwhile under torture from Lucas, Jim refuses to break, and learns that Lucas hates his father for an incident back in Somailia where Taylor was forced by rebel invaders to choose the life of his son rather than his wife, something Lucas believes his father always blamed him for. The revelation is short-lived, as Weaver arrives with a ruse to smuggle Jim out of captivity.

When the man helps Jim and Elizabeth pack to her house, she provides the antidote, only to reveal that he was never infected with parasites, and the ‘antidote’was in fact a sedative. The entire family of Shannons attempt to sneak out of Terra Nova as the alarms sound, and Wash elects to stay behind to aid in their escape. A large explosion across the camp covers their escape as Wash eventually finds herself caught by the guards and brought before Lucas, who shoots her dead in front of everyone when she refuses to give up Taylor’s location or the Shannons.

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceThe next day while the rebels in the jungle mourn Wash, Mira returns to Terra Nova from her mission in the badlands wanting to see her daughter, but Weaver and Lucas seem far more interested in whatever off-screen artifact she managed to bring back with her. Back in the jungle, Taylor mourns the loss of Wash as young Zoe Shannon comforts him, offering hugs whenever he might need. Meanwhile, Jim accidentally breaks up a makeout session between his daughter and Mark Reynolds on his way to deliver Wash’s last message to Taylor. Wash’s last message was to remind her Commander about a past mission where they succeded by cutting off enemy access in spite of themselves, meaning Taylor and Jim should destroy 2149’s access to Terra Nova even if it means stranding themselves in the past.

The next morning Lucas and Weaver share a drink to celebrate their victory in mining meteoric ore, as Skye arrives to inform her pseudo-brother that she’s come along to his way of thinking on Taylor. They then take a rover out toward the newly restored portal, only for Skye to reveal she knows how to find Taylor, stopping Lucas cold. He radios that he will return to the colony and send someone else to deliver his cargo, but Taylors forces then capture Lucas, as part of Skye’s ruse. They swap out Lucas’truck with one of their own, containing Jim. The decoy truck with Jim inside arrives, and get pushed through the gate to 2149 as Lucas manages to escape his bonds and incapacitate Skye. Malcolm then sabotages the gate, as in 2149 Weaver attempts to show his employers what they’ve brought back from the past, only for a giant dinosaur to emerge from the crate and eat most of the bad guys!

Terra Nova - Occupation / ResistanceJim works to set the pyro-sonic charge in 2149 with guards shooting and a dinosaur stomping around him, while back in the past Taylor catches his own son and lays the smackdown for his attempt to destroy the colony. They come to a tender emotional resolution about the loss of their wife and mother, only for Lucas to stab his father in the side mid-hug! He prepares for the killing blow, until Skye manages to put him down with a few well-placed gunshot wounds. In 2149 Jim just manages to escape both fire and being eaten to make it back through the portal to Terra Nova, as Taylor and Skye realize that Lucas’bullet-ridden body has vanished.

Jim reunites with her family as Mira learns from the Phoenix group soldiers that the portal to 2149 has closed forever, cutting her off from her daughter, and the good guys triumphantly return to Terra Nova. There, they learn that the soldiers have disappeared up north, and wonder why as they unveil the relic that Mira retrieved from the badlands: the prow of a ship from the 18th century. Taylor and the Shannons agree to keep the mysterious object under wraps for now, as the family observes a nearby meteor shower and peace returns to Terra Nova.

Did you get your fill of dino-action? What did you think about the episode, and do you think there’ll be a second season? Join us (hopefully) next time for all-new episode recaps of Terra Nova on FOX!

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