Teen Wolf Death Watch: Who Might Be Leaving Beacon Hills?

teen wolfDeath has been one of the things that has defined the second season of Teen Wolf. The residents of Beacon Hills are either saying goodbye to one they love, in danger through being in a place with a dangerous creature, or dying off themselves, with the threat of impending doom hanging over Scott and his friends, in particular. The season of Teen Wolf began with a death and word around the ‘net has it that it’ll be ending with a death, too. But the question is, which character (or characters) will go off to the great big supernatural graveyard in the sky? And who should everybody be afraid of for the final three episodes of the season?

I’ve gone over the suspect list and determined who’s pretty much safe going into the super-sized season three and who might be on their way out of the Teen Wolf universe next month.

teen wolfCharacter: The Veteranarian
Why They’re in Danger:
The vet knows stuff – perhaps too much. His abilities could be seen as a potential gain for the wolves, so the hunters could take him out as a precaution, once they pumped him for information. His relationship/history with Scott doesn’t help matters.
Why They’re Safe: The vet knows stuff – he has knowledge of creatures that could come in handy for whoever he decides to align with, as well as the impending doom that’s coming to Beacon Hills. Plus, his death wouldn’t have the emotional impact that the show’s going after, since he’s only had brief screen time this season.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: The Argent family, since they’ve already paid him a (threatening) visit once and will likely be looking for help in taking down the kanima.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: Likely, overwhelmingly so compared to the other characters.
The vet will become much more involved in Teen Wolf over the last three episodes and may have a close call or two, but look for him to make it to season three.

teen wolfCharacter: The Counselor
Why They’re in Danger:
Like the vet, she may know too much and if anybody finds out that she knows more than she lets on (the impending evil, the language), it could mean trouble.
Why They’re Safe: Unlike the vet, she doesn’t seem keen on helping the group, so her knowledge could help her get out of the (metaphorical) hurricane that’s about to come to Beacon Hills.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: The Argents, who will be paying her friend the vet another visit soon.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: Decent.
If the vet makes it, the counselor makes it. If not, she’s done for.

teen wolf
Scott’s mom
Why They’re in Danger:
She’s gotten much closer to finding out the truth about her son and who he truly is this season. Her death would really shake up the main character without drawing anything from the main dynamic, additionally freeing Scott to go about his business without worrying about being caught.
Why They’re Safe: I don’t know if the show would get rid of her before she finds out nor cut off one of Scott’s main connections to the human world.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: Revenge-happy Grandpa Argent, who has already hurt Scott and threatened his mother.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: More likely than not.
If Scott’s mom finds out about his wolf, her days are numbered. Otherwise, look for her in the third season.

teen wolfCharacter: Lydia
Why They’re in Danger:
Lydia’s under Hale’s control and has slowly been losing what’s left of her sanity this season. How much further can she slip, how much more can Hale do to her before she can take it anymore? Her separation from the main group makes her (potential) death one that would be tragic yet not that damaging to the main dynamic of the show.
Why They’re Safe: A Lydia death would be a safe choice for a show that’s gotten braver this season.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: Hale and Derek, who Lydia unknowingly hurt last episode.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: 60-40, in favor of a return.
I don’t think Teen Wolf regresses and Lydia makes it to the third season, but it could very easily play on her ties to the group and off her without losing forward momentum. Definitely a wild card.

teen wolfCharacter: Derek’s pack (Boyd, Erica, Isaac)
Why They’re in Danger:
Derek is currently incapacitated and honestly, none of them know how to handle themselves without him there supervising. If the wrong person were to catch them at an off-time before their leader comes back, it could be trouble. Plus, one of them just signed a deal to star on another show in the fall, so that…that’s not good news for their character.
Why They’re Safe: Teen Wolf wouldn’t give Derek a pack just to fully revoke it 12 episodes later, so look for at least one of them to make it through the upcoming onslaught of carnage.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: Grandpa Argent and his hatred of all things wolf.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: Mixed.
Depending on how much of a victory the wolves have at the end of the season, at least two (if not all three) will return for the third season.

teen wolfCharacter: Grandpa Argent
Why They’re in Danger:
Arrogance and bloodthirst. Grandpa Argent is leading the charge against the creatures of the city and with his “comfort” around the kanima, you can tell he deems himself pretty darn untouchable. But in the world of supernatural television, once you start thinking like that, you leave yourself open to outside dangers. He may be able to intimidate teenagers, but can he stand up in a full-fledged fight to the death?
Why They’re Safe: I don’t know if they’d take away two of Allison’s family members in a handful of episodes.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: Scott, who could be after revenge for the stabbing earlier in the season.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: Up in the air.
If Teen Wolf doesn’t want to dogpile on Allison, Grandpa Argent makes it to the third season, but if they want to test their heroine, he might not be long for this world.


teen wolf Character: Matt
Why They’re in Danger:
He revealed himself as the master of the kanima in the most recent episode, so unless he becomes the villain next season, it looks likely that somebody will end him. The fact that he’s losing his grip a little bit makes me think he’ll be prone to mistakes later in the season.
Why They’re Safe: He could actually become the villain next season, with or without the kanima by his side, which would buy him a little more time. (They might introduce other creatures in his “stable” or provide him with more human back-up.) If not, all the focus could be on capturing the kanima and he could slink off into the night, becoming a threat looming over Beacon Hills from here on out.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: Oddly, I think Jackson. I could see him turning against his master sometime in the finale and being the one to take him out.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: Very, very unlikely.
The camera guy will be gone in a flash.

Teen WolfCharacter: Jackson
Why They’re in Danger:
Um, he’s the kanima. The entire population of Teen Wolf is trying to capture him right now and if the wrong person does, it’ll be kaput for the pretty-boy mutant. There’s not much else for the character to do after this and I don’t think there’s any coming back from becoming a mass murderer.
Why They’re Safe: Colton Haynes is one of the faces of the show and taking him out would definitely be a gamble, as you risk losing a portion of the fan base through losing such a popular face/character.
Who They Should Be Afraid Of: Everybody. No, really. Everybody.
Odds They Make It to Season 3: Increasingly slim.
If Teen Wolf is looking to off a main character in a move that will have a lot of impact going forward, here’s your man.

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