Why an Animated Smallville Series Will Be a Hit Among Superman Fans

Why an Animated Smallville Series Will Be a Hit Among Superman Fans

CW’s Smallville was an iconic superhero TV show that paved the way for several comic book TV shows after the early 2000s. The show ran for ten seasons, depicting the epic journey of a young Clark Kent in high school, learning about each of his powers, and working at the Daily Planet until he becomes a hero in Metropolis. Several comic book villains, fan-favorite characters, and heroes like Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Flash appear in the series, which is why so many fans were hopeful for a sequel. 

Unfortunately, over a decade after the finale aired in 2011, there have been only rumors about what’s next for this beloved cast and story. While a sequel with the same characters is not on the table, there could be hope for Smallville fans to get an animated version of the series with the cast they love so much. This is according to Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum, who says that at the right time, they could pitch an animated version of the show if the DC studios and Warner Bros would be up for it. Here is why an animated series would be a hit if released now. 

There’s an Audience for a Smallville Animated Series


In March 2024, Rosenbaum opened up about the possibility of an animated sequel to the Smallville series. And fans have been excited about the possibility of their wildest dreams coming true. In an interview with Screen Rant, Rosenbaum mentioned that all he could say was that an animated series is a great idea and that he had the backing of Smallville creators Miles Millar and Al Gough. He, however, stated that the only way it would work is if it was the right time, and at the time of this interview, he didn’t believe it was the best time for them to go and pitch the idea to Warner Brothers. 

The SAG-AFTRA strike was also an issue Rosenbaum brought up, mentioning that with the changes that happened at DC Studios and one of his good friends, James Gunn, getting a top job at the studios, it would be easy to get it greenlit when the time is right. Still, he would also be open to other creative ideas from the studio. With their rewatch podcast, Talkville, averaging around 50,000 views per episode, it’s evident that there are fans open to seeing more Smallville projects. 

Getting the Cast Back Would Ensure the Series’ Success


Smallville’s iconic storytelling and cast were one of the few things that made it so famous and a part of pop culture today. While Warner Bros and CW had a considerable role, the talented cast was a major draw for most viewers. The main cast included Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, and John Glover as Lionel Luthor. 

Rosenbaum also mentioned that the cast would love to do it. Currently, Welling, who played a young Clark Kent, and Rosenbaum have a podcast where they talk through all the seasons of Smallville, inviting guest stars, producers, writers, and supporting characters to get their insights about each episode. The rewatch podcast titled TalkVille is currently reviewing Smallville Season 4. Cast members will likely appear in the animated series if it’s made due to their friendly relationship with each other and social media. 

The primary issue with the main cast coming back as their respective voice actors is Mack was sentenced to three years in prison for her role in the cult NXIVM and aiding in sex trafficking. She was released early in 2023, and it’s doubtful whether fans and the general public would want to see her participate in this beloved project. Considering her role was that of a best friend, she is replaceable if the animated series goes forward. An animated series could also signal the return of some characters like Lana Lang.

There Is Renewed Interest in DC Superheroes Like Superman


Superman has been a famous comic book character for decades, with endless movies, TV shows, cartoons, and merchandise created around his character with great success. While DC could always rely on a massive payday with most projects about this character, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel films, while being loved by fans, didn’t translate so well in the Box office. 

With Gunn taking over the new DCU and rebooting the Superman character with a different cast in the 2025 film Superman, fans are hopeful that the Superman they grew up loving will make his way to the big screen again. Gunn’s upcoming film also came with the announcement that CW’s well-received Superman and Lois TV show would be ending after four seasons. Depending on the reception Gunn’s Superman film will get, it could be the best time for a Smallville animated series. Here are the untold reasons why Smallville Season 11 never aired.

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