Neagley Is More Important To The Future Of Reacher Than You Realize

Neagley Is More Important To The Future Of Reacher Than You Realize

The beloved Jack Reacher novels by Lee Childs are the basis for Amazon Prime Video’s Reacher TV show, and the character of Neagley is going to be more important for the show than viewers might think. Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) is a former policeman for the military who is accused of murder when he visits a small town in Georgia. Reacher season 1 adapts Killing Floor, the first book in the Jack Reacher series, though the plot deviates from the book in some key ways.

Frances Neagley (Maria Sten) is a rare character that Reacher trusts, even though she is only in a couple of episodes for Reacher season 1. With Reacher season 2 skipping multiple books in the series, Neagley is set to play a much more critical role in Reacher’s future. There’s so much potential for the character in upcoming seasons, and the importance of her role in Reacher’s life will likely become more prominent.

Neagley Shouldn’t Have Been In Season 1

Maria Sten as Neagley in Reacher

Technically, Neagley should not have appeared in Reacher season 1. Reacher season 1 is based on Killing Floor, which is the first book in the Reacher series. Neagley did not appear until much later in the book in the book series. Neagley’s first appearance in the books is not until book six, Without Fail. Though Reacher season 1 is based on the first book in the series, and Neagley wasn’t part of that book, her presence is important. Reacher season 2 is going from book one all the way to book 11, meaning Neagley’s character has ample room to grow before Reacher season 2.

Neagley Can Be Another Constant In Reacher’s Changing Scenes

Maria Sten as Neagley in Reacher

Neagley is one of the most interesting characters in the Reacher book series, but she didn’t appear in the first book. Bringing Neagley into Reacher season 1 despite not being in the book the show adapted was wise. She’s a wanderer like Reacher. Neagley’s character is a lot more like Reacher than characters such as Finlay and Roscoe, which helps her understand Reacher better. Though Neagley doesn’t appear in every episode and is only around here and there, she’s a character with dimension and depth who is vital to the storyline, even if it deviates from the book.

The complexities of her character allow Reacher to trust Neagley. Because they are so similar in terms of being wanderers, Reacher trusts her. Reacher is not one to trust just anyone. Neagley’s appearance in Reacher season 1 allows subsequent seasons to utilize the character more and provides a secondary touch point for viewers. While in the books the only reliably present character is Reacher himself, Neagley can appear in a side role in every series. So introducing Neagley in Reacher season 1 means that viewers can see more familiar faces in the future and be more excited to come back to the show again and again.

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