Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Lucas, Jenna, Mona, The Black Swan, Maya’s Death & More!

Pretty Little LiarsWe’ve been teasing quite a few season 3 scoops from our recent Pretty Little Liars set visit, but we’ve saved the best – and biggest – collection of spoilers for last. Want to know the mysteries the girls will be investigating next season? How about the roles of the various secondary characters? We’ve got spoilers galore for you!

The Impact of Maya’s Death. It’s clear that Emily has spent a good part of the summer grieving for the recently deceased Maya, going so far as to turn to drinking to deal with her grief. Troian Bellisario (Spencer) says that “I would say [Emily has had the hardest summer] because she was dealing with a real loss in her life and [the other girls] were all, I think, frightened to move on but excited to move on and relieved that we had.” But the other girls have any intention of supporting Emily as much as they can. Ashley Benson (Hanna) said that “The only thing the girls can do is just be there for her. Hanna was with her a lot during their relationship. She kind of helped out that whole thing so I think the only thing that Hanna can do is just be there for her.” Even Toby will be there to support Emily. Eventually this support leads to…

The Search for Maya’s Killer. The girls will be hot on the trail of Maya’s killer in season 3. “They’re very much in detective mode. They’ll always be there’s just so many things that happened and it’s just one after the other. They’ll always be searching for answers,” Ashley confirmed

The Black Swan. This mysterious woman was introduced in the season 2 finale as a potential ‘A’, at least until Mona was unmasked as the villain. But don’t expect her to disappear. Troian said that “The black swan in the finale was definitely leading the girls into mischief because [Spencer] went off with Mona, who turned out to be ‘˜A’but then who was this black swan that was kind of leading the girls on a…was it a wild goose chase, was it a red herring, is it a decoy, is it the other ‘A’, is there another ‘A’? You will not have to wait too long to find out the answer and I think it will be quite shocking. It is something that was a little bit too close to home for Spencer.”

Pretty Little LiarsMona. Just because she’s locked up in a mental hospital, doesn’t mean Mona is out of the picture. In fact, Janel Parish was recently promoted to a series regular. And she warned us that her character is “just going to get even more unpredictable, even more insane. It’s going to get really, really fun.” Whether or not Mona will leave the hospital, no one seems to know yet, not even Janel. But she definitely gets visitors. We know from photos of episode 3.02 that Hanna visits her, but she won’t be the only one. “There will be a couple more visitors. Can’t say who,” Janel teased. As for whether Mona herself has anything to do with Maya’s death… “That’s actually being explored right now [in the episode] that we’re shooting. I’m still waiting to find out everything.”

Jenna’s Secrets. Always mysterious and generally creepy, Jenna has been skulking around Rosewood for the past two seasons, always one step ahead of the Liars. Is she part of the ‘A’ team? We don’t know. But we do know that one very important secret will be revealed: Jenna’s returned eyesight will be exposed! Keegan Allen (Toby) says that “Toby finds out about it. Everybody finds out about it!” But Jenna will certainly be upset when she’s exposed. Expect her desire for revenge to return full-force.

Lucas. Pretty Little Liars fans have gone back and forth on whether Lucas is a good guy or bad guy. For a while, he seemed to be exonerated, but events in the season 2 finale put him back on the girls’ radar. Ashley warned that “He is becoming sketchy and very different. You’ll see him in season 3 and you won’t even recognize him. He’s like a completely different guy. It’s kind of nerve wracking to all the girls, especially to Hanna because she knows him as this little cute Lucas. Now he’s completely different. He’s changed. He can be someone who’s been helping out with ‘˜A’. We’re all just trying to figure it out and everybody is a suspect in our eyes. Anybody who crosses paths with us is now seems to be a bad guy, which sucks, but Lucas is now one of them because he’s changed so drastically. It’s very confusing.”

Holden. Like Lucas, Holden will return in season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Last season, Aria learned that he has a very serious heart condition, but he risks his life by participating in an underground fight club. Ian Harding (Ezra) said that Holden will be complicating matters, although not necessarily for Aria and Ezra’s relationship.

Pretty Little LiarsMelissa and Her Baby. The girls may still be a bit unclear on Melissa’s exactly role in what happened to Alison, but Spencer’s secretive sister will be back. Troian jokingly warned that “Ian’s fetus is creepily developing in odd ways. Yes, I do know what happens. That just sounds so bad because it’s a baby. It will definitely surprise you and it will not be what you expect. It’s not like Rosemary’s baby or anything.” Another related character that will pop up is Garrett, who was recently arrested for Alison’s murder. Expect to see him again.

Flashbacks. Flashbacks have always been a part of Pretty Little Liars and that trend will continue this season. “We actually haven’t shot that many but [in the episode we’re shooting now] we do have a few flashbacks which will answer some questions about Jason and his dad and Alison’s [story] before she disappeared,” Ashley confirmed. The Liars still have the central mystery of what really happened to Alison to solve. Keegan says that “We’re still trying to figure out who murdered Allison, so definitely be ready for some flashbacks and understanding and more characters that bring that into the mix.”

The Parents. The Liars’ parents have been popping in and out of storylines since Pretty Little Liars began, but last season the girls’ mothers really started getting suspicious of what might be happening with their daughters. Ashley explained that “this season it’s more about relationships with the parents.” The girls will be having more discussions with their mothers, and Hanna’s mother, in particular, will have a fun storyline as she goes out on some dates. In addition, Ian says that Ezra and Aria’s mother will be interacting: “Things are really tense, [more] specifically with Byron and [Ezra], but Ella and I actually have a little situation that happens which is pretty cool.”

Updated: Watch a preview for the June 12th episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. You can read more spoilers about the new ‘A’ and what’s in store for Rosewood’s couples.

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