North Carolina Mom Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Adopted Children

A North Carolina woman, identified as Avantae Deven, has been charged with the first-degree murder of two of her adopted children, further shocking revelations indicate that she coerced another child to dismember the bodies. The accused threatened to implicate the coerced child if they revealed the truth, according to unsettling court documents.

North Carolina Mom Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Adopted Children

Accusations and Arrests

Avantae Deven, aged 63, was apprehended late last month facing charges for the death of Blake and London Deven, as per the Fayetteville Observer. Remains confirmed to be London’s were located, while those believed to be Blake’s are presently undergoing testing.

Allegations of Abuse and Neglect

The arrest follows chilling allegations that Blake endured abusive treatment from Avantae. He reportedly died in 2017 at around ten years of age due to the inhumane treatment inflicted on him. London is presumed dead since 2019 after facing similar abuse, highlighted in court records.

North Carolina Mom Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Adopted Children

The Discovery of Dismemberment

Court documents reveal that Avantae forced one of Blake’s siblings to purchase tools required for dismembering his body before incinerating the remains in a burn barrel. The exact nature and timeline of these actions further highlight the cruelty inflicted upon them.

Additionally, surveillance footage from Walmart reinforced suspicions when officers saw Avantae with her remaining children buying a red cooler, within which parts of London’s remains were reportedly found.

Threats and Coercion

The affidavit documented chilling threats made by Avantae: “If this ever gets found out, you need to take the blame because I will get the death penalty and because of your age you won’t get in trouble if you take the blame, she warned her children.

North Carolina Mom Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Adopted Children

Ongoing Legal Proceedings

The Fayetteville Police Department has confirmed skeletal remains found at an undisclosed location during their investigation. DNA tests have verified some as London’s remains; results pertaining to Blake’s remain pending.

Avantae sits behind bars without bail at Cumberland County jail. She faces an array of charges: first-degree murder (two counts), destruction of human remains/conveyance in unnatural deaths (two counts), serious bodily injury due to child abuse (two counts), and kidnapping (one count).

A Disturbing Pattern

This incident is deeply distressing, drawing comparisons to other notorious cases such as McMartin Preschool and Fells Acres—both involved dark histories of child abuse in North Carolina.

The entire community remains shaken, questioning how such atrocities could occur unnoticed for such prolonged periods. Legal experts and child rights activists continue to demand justice while seeking measures to prevent future tragedies akin to this formidable case.

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