Negan and Maggie’s Dead City Spin off is Officially Underway

Negan and Maggie’s Dead City Spin off is Officially Underway


Zombie-based movies and TV shows are not new, and the concept is becoming more flavorful than ever. Creators have taken different perspectives while bringing varied creations from Fear the Walking Dead, Z Nation, and All of Us Dead to the legendary The Walking Dead. One may even argue that we’ve had too many series based on a similar idea and the market has become far too flooded now. While some may side with this criticism, nothing would excite lovers of post-apocalyptic horrors like the creators of The Walking Dead, keeping us connected to after lives of characters we have all come to love (or loathe for others) in this show. Good news, AMC already has one of the best stories we could imagine in the pipeline – the travels of Maggie and Negan, dubbed The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Negan and Maggie’s Dead City Spin off is Officially Underway

Credit: The Walking Dead

What Do We Know About the Main Characters?

A spin-off following the two characters is flattering. Though an unlikely pairing, Maggie and Negan have enjoyed a gradually growing relationship representing strong sentiments of love and hate in equal measures. In The Walking Dead, they are a classic example of unlike poles, showing why they eventually become a pact despite starting on the wrong footing when Maggie and her people come across the dictatorial and murderous Negan. As the season approaches its end, a relatively strong bond of responsibility appears to be developing between the two. We cannot say whether it’s pure love and that the aversion Maggie harbors against Negan is waning, but it’ll be worthwhile to see how the sequel unfolds a story only focusing on their lives as the central characters soon.

Why Would Negan and Maggie Head to New York Together?

Since AMC greenlit plans to bring back the two stars, but in a new, albeit post-apocalypse environment, fans can’t rest. They’re floating different theories about why the two, allied or not, would find themselves in the same settings far away from Hilltop or the Commonwealth. Finally, perhaps, we will see them on a mission to find Rick Grimes. In the 5th episode of season 9, Rick appeared to have blown himself up while destroying a bridge to save his community from an overwhelmingly large herd of walkers. For those who may have forgotten, Jadis found him alive, and the two flew away in a helicopter. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea to think that maybe Negan went on a new mission to find him considering that he feels guilty and blames himself for their many misfortunes, and Maggie followed her. Or, what if something unanticipated happens to Hershel Rhee since the last episodes of the walking dead give a hint that Maggie and her son got separated? Negan, with his soft spot for children, would sacrifice anything to find him, while Maggie would leave no mountain unmoved in search of him. Would such a fate finally bring a long-awaited twist of bringing Rick back? We can only make wild guesses so far as the crux of the story remains unclear.

Negan and Maggie’s Dead City Spin off is Officially Underway

Credit: The Walking Dead

We Know the Plot and the Setting

Dead City will take place in Manhattan, an island isolated from the rest of the world and now dominated by millions of walkers. While it’s obvious Maggie and Negan can handle themselves against the walkers, the new world throws other challenging tests, seeing that it’s replete of terror and chaos from the survivors. Now that the walking dead’s final episodes have confirmed the walkers are evolving and doing unheard-of things like scaling up the walls and other human-like actions, this spin-off might build the scary concept further. AMC will roll out the miniseries, with the first season comprising six episodes by next year, 2023.

Negan and Maggie’s Dead City Spin off is Officially Underway

Credit: Walking Dead: Dead City

Will Many Other Casts Transition from The Walking Dead to the Dead City?

Details about the entire cast for the new show remain scanty. The released statement only confirms the leading characters because the story revolves around them. It does not even mention Maggie’s son or Negan’s pregnant wife. There are other individuals we wouldn’t mind continuing their journey with them, making the show more salivating. As much as we know, the creators of these shows have been notorious for unprecedented twists in the past. You can be sure they’ve got something up their sleeves hidden until the last minute for their viewers. The only option they leave us here with is patience and to wait earnestly. Well then, let’s do just that!post-apocalyptic horrors

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