Nailed, How a Normal Business Turned Corrupted

Credit: Nailed

Our story takes place on a roadside garage on the outskirts of a rural Korean town.

Our main characters are Sun-Yeong and Jae-Gu, who are a married couple. The husband, Jae-Gu, runs a roadside garage but doesn’t get many clients for various reasons. Hardly any drivers notice their little shop. This means they’re barely making enough money to survive, making Sun-Yeong’s relationship with her family tense. They never approved of Jae-Gu because of how little money he made. Sun-Yeong has to help the household by making dolls for pennies, and her family hates Jae-Gu for it. 

One day, Jae-gu notices a car stopping in the middle of the road because of a flat tire. He decides to offer his services to change it. He explains how construction trucks passing drop all kinds of scraps on the ground as he changes the tire. Once he finishes changing the tire, he charges the excessive client money. The client has no choice but to agree with Jae-Gu’s high price. The reason is that it is late at night, and they are in the middle of nowhere.

Jae-gu can’t sleep when it’s bedtime.

He keeps thinking about how little money he makes. Jae-gu decides it’s time for him to do something about their current situation. He returns to the road and scatters scraps all over the road. That way, he can cause more cars to get more flat tires. And that will give him more clients. His plan pays off when he gets another new client with a flat tire. This time Jae-gu decides to charge a more reasonable price. Hours passed, and only one more client came by. He goes back onto the road to check on the scraps, but they’re missing. He determines that the construction trucks push the scraps away when they drive by since the size and weight of their tires are too big and heavy.

Not ready to give up, Jae-Gu stays up late, making new pointy scraps he can use. Once he has enough scraps, he asks Sun-Yeong to help, and she agrees and begins going out with Jae Gu to hold the flashlight as he drops nails around the road. As they do this routine one evening,  a police officer finds them and questions what they are doing in such an odd place so late at night. They quickly get him off their backs by diverting his attention elsewhere. The following day, the couple doesn’t get any new clients because they’re laying low for a few days after police found out what they were doing.

Credit: Nailed

Eventually, they start back up the business.

Jae-Gu and Sun-Yeong return to the road at night with a drill and stick their first nail in the pavement. The new plan works well, so Jae-Gu tells Sun-Yeong that she can buy as many dresses as she wants, but he won’t be spending much because he wants to concentrate on buying the shop. As they earn more money, news of their exploits reaches the local shop association leader, Mr. Mun, who becomes suspicious. Mr. Mun is convinced that Jae-Gu is hiding something, and since the police can’t do anything without proof, he agrees with his brother, who’s also a cop, to take turns keeping an eye on them. The next time Sun-Yeong goes to the road to stick a nail in, Mr. Mun sees her and finds the nail after she’s gone, so he thinks of a way to use this against her.

Business picks up once more.

The couple can afford to eat out, so they don’t hesitate to treat themselves. That same day, Sun-Yeong goes to the grocery store and is approached by Mr. Mun, who confesses that he knows about the nails and asks Sun-Yeong to see him privately if she wishes him to keep it a secret. The following day, Sun-Yeong thinks thoroughly about what she has to do before making a decision. Finally, she goes to see Mr. Mun, agrees to his demands, and gives herself over to him in the backseat of his car to buy his silence. Afterward, Mr. Mun tells his brother to drop the surveillance on the garage couple.

Credit: Nailed

One day, Jae-Gu receives some bad news.

A driver has been in an accident due to his nails. Overwhelmed with guilt, Jae-Gu rushes down the road to take off the nails, but they’re stuck hard and impossible to remove without at least a drill, not to mention countless numbers of them. So the following day, Jae-Gu borrows a truck from work and decides to drive it down the road, crushing all the nails he had put down and ending his profitable yet dubious business.


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