Blooper Reels that Will Change the Way you See Horror Movies

Blooper Reels that Will Change the Way you See Horror Movies

A horror movie is meant to do one thing to audiences: frighten them. Whether that’s to make them jump out of their seats because of a surprise moment or make them gag because of a scene that’s absolutely disgusting, the intent is the same: to scare. But the funny thing about horror movies is that behind the scenes on these films, the same exact mistakes happen as any other film. Actors mess up lines and cast and crew play pranks on each other just like any other movie.What you don’t see in horror movies is all the funny stuff that happened. If you did see all of that you might think differently about said movies. Thankfully we got our hands on some awesome blooper reals from legitimately scary movies that might not make these movies seem too scary anymore.Looper put together this hilarious list. If you want to read the story behind each movie’s bloopers I highly recommend reading their article. If you want just the videos of the bloopers then scroll down.Nat is the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of BC Media Group and all its properties. He loves television, movies, fitness, playing piano, and writing great articles.
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