M3GAN and Chucky the Doll Are Feuding Online

M3GAN and Chucky the Doll Are Feuding Online

We never thought we’d see the day when Chucky would be feuding online with another evil doll.

But here we are.

Chucky’s official Twitter page tweeted about M3GAN, the evil robotic doll that has taken over the internet with her creepy and unsettling dance. Chucky accused her of wanting to be him, but M3GAN clearly wasn’t the type to sit around and not speak back.

She responded with, “u know u that doll when u cause all this conversation.”

And then, it all became crazier from there.

M3GaN had everyone talking about her.

M3GAN and Chucky the Doll Are Feuding Online

Credit: M3GAN

Ever since the trailer for M3GAN dropped, the AI character quickly became viral. The movie is about a creepy-looking Android doll programmed to become a companion for kids. M3GAN was designed by roboticist Gemma who worked for a toy company.

8-year-old Cady lost both her parents following a traumatic car accident, and her aunt Gemma gained custody of the child. When Cady was suddenly thrust into the care of Gemma, Gemma knew she wasn’t prepared for such a huge responsibility. That was when she came up with the brilliant (but in hindsight, absolutely bad) idea to use her invention and turn the doll into Cady’s playmate, teacher, friend, and protector.

But of course, Australian filmmaker James Wan is involved, and he rarely does happy stories and happy endings. His work in the horror genre is unparalleled—think Saw and the Insidious franchises. Oh, and he also created The Conjuring Universe. When we found out he was producing this movie, we just knew it was going to land on our must-watch list.

Anyway, as seen in the trailer, M3GAN started going off the rails. She began taking her responsibility way too seriously. Then again, she’s an AI. She had one job, so obviously, she was going to give it her best, which was just unfortunate for every other character in the film who tried to hurt Cady.

M3GAN started reprogramming herself until Gemma had no control over her anymore.

Chucky reminds everyone that he still exists.

M3GAN broke the internet, and it wasn’t long before Twitter went bananas, with so many GIFs and funny tweets.

With M3GAN taking over the world wide web by storm, Chucky simply wasn’t having it. He probably saw all the news articles calling dubbing M3GAN the “new Chucky.”

For those who are too young to remember, Chucky is a horror icon—thanks to the Child’s Play film franchise. The story follows Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, a notorious serial killer who was chased by a detective into a toy store. Ray was shot and was bleeding to death, but before he passed away, he used a voodoo chant to transfer his soul into a “Good Guy” talking doll.

M3GAN and Chucky the Doll Are Feuding Online

Credit: Chucky

Meanwhile, widow Karen Barclay’s six-year-old son Andy had been asking for a “Good Guy” doll, but she couldn’t afford it. When a homeless man outside of her office tried selling her one, she immediately bought it and gave it to Andy.

Not long after she brought Chucky home, weird and spooky things started happening. We won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet, but it’s safe to say that M3GAN gives us the same eerie vibes as Chucky.

Even evil dolls beef with each other on Twitter.  

Ever since the release of M3GAN’s trailer, people have been drawing comparisons between the two dolls. M3GAN and Chucky always choose violence, and these murderous dolls will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Perhaps that’s why it’s no surprise that Chucky was never going to take a backseat to the latest evil doll in town.

It’s 2022, after all, when feuding with virtual strangers is no longer new or shocking.

Following their first Twitter interaction, M3GAN and Chucky began responding to other Twitter users. Chucky wrote, “Word to the wise: don’t fk with the chuck.”

M3GAN responded, “Lol chucky plsss.”

In a series of tweets, Chucky reposted screenshots from the M3GAN trailer and basically gave her antics a thumbs-up. When someone challenged Chucky with a GIF of M3GAN’s now-iconic dance moves, though, Chucky replied with a move of his own.

M3GAN and Chucky the Doll Are Feuding Online

Credit: M3GAN

Their back-and-forth is entertaining enough, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that the producers won’t be releasing M3GAN just in time for Halloween. It will be shown in theatres on January 13, 2023—Friday the 13th, yes, but still not Halloween. Now that is one missed opportunity. Imagine if people would dress up as her (or Chucky!) instead of Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson (yawn).

Anyway, as of this writing, M3GAN tried dragging yet another evil doll, Annabelle, into the absolute mess that is Twitter. On the bright side, at least this kind of feuding is harmless. Let’s just hope these dolls won’t decide to join forces.

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