10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lizbeth Rodriguez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lizbeth Rodriguez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lizbeth Rodriguez

Lizbeth Rodriguez might not be a household name, but many people recognize her face and the work she’s been doing throughout the course of her career. She’s been in the public eye for some time now, and she’s made the most of her talents. She’s both an online influencer and an actress, and she leaves the world with the distinct impression she’s not going to stop anytime in the near future. She’s adding as much as she can to her professional resume, and there are not many people who doubt she can do it all, and with a smile on her face. Here’s everything you need to know about the actress/social media star.

1. She is Young

Lizbeth Rodriguez is only in her 20s. she was born on May 22, 1994. She is currently 27, and she is thriving. She is one of those women who continues to get better with age, and being so young we can only imagine how much better she will continue to grow as she ages.

2. She is From Mexico

She was born and raised in Mexico, though she does not speak of her family. She was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. She spent her entire childhood there, but she eventually left her family home and she did not look back.

3. Her Childhood was Difficult

The reason she left home and did not look back is her difficult childhood. She grew up in a house filled with domestic violence, though no one knows the extent of what she went through. She does not speak of her parents often.

4. She Began Studying Theater Young

At the age of 16, she began to study theater. She knew that she had to make some positive changes in her life, and that she had to do things differently. She knew that she had to focus on the good that was ongoing in her life, and she knew she had to create a future for herself. She began to research and study, and she made it happen for herself.

5. She Did Not Have Family Support

When she made the decision to study theater at the age of 16, her family did not support her. She did not care. She left home, moved in with a friend, and she put herself through school. She did not need or want their support, and she is much better for it.

6. She Joined Badabun as a Techie

When she first joined the program after graduating with her degree in theater, she was only hired as a technical assistant. She was not hired in the capacity she wanted to be hired in, but she did get the chance to show them what she was made of. Within a few months, she was doing what she wanted to do with the group and making some big-time changes to its future.

7. She Raised her Brother

She is a big sister, and she had a large hand in the upbringing of her own brother. He was also a victim of domestic violence in the household growing up. As a result, she is the one who spent the bulk of her own life helping to raise him so that he would have the love and support she did not receive at home – or so we imagine.

8. She is a Mom

She is a mother, but she keeps her son private. She was quiet about her pregnancy, about the father of her baby, and about the birth of her son. She only introduced the fact that she is a mother to the world back in 2019 when she first shared the fact that she’d given birth on her social media pages. His name is Eros.

9. She’s Inherently Private

One thing that Lizbeth is good at is maintaining her privacy. Perhaps this is a side effect of her troubled childhood, but she does not share too much about her family and her personal life. She is keeping what is important to her out of the public eye, and she’s not going to apologize to anyone for her own personal choices. She doesn’t owe anyone anything.

10. She is Strong

Anyone who goes through the kind of childhood she went through and still manages to grow up, find success, and take care of herself is strong. While there are likely days she didn’t feel strong growing up, she is stronger than she realizes, and she is a role model to all. There is a way out, but you often have to put in the work and make sacrifices to make it all happen.

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