Lauren LaVera: 6 Things You Didn’t About The Terrifier Star

Lauren LaVera: 6 Things You Didn’t About The Terrifier Star

Lauren LaVera is a versatile performer with footprints in different aspects of the entertainment industry. She launched her acting career in 2016 and has recorded several critically acclaimed performances across film and television. LaVera is known for her roles in films such as Split (2016) and the Terrifier franchise. She has also played small roles in television series, including Netflix’s Iron Fist (2017), Dispatches From Elsewhere (2020), and Law & Order: Organized Crime (2024).

For her captivating starring roles in horror films, Lauren LaVera earned the name “scream queen” from viewers and critics. She has also won a Fangoria Chainsaw Award for one of those performances. Beyond her award-winning acting career, LaVera is a professional stunt performer, dancer, and martial artist. Her film debut was as Anya Taylor-Joy‘s stunt double. With more exciting projects in the pipeline, LaVera is one actress to watch. Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the Terrifier star.

1. Lauren LaVera Was Born In 1994


An American by nationality, Lauren LaVera was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 14, 1994. She has not shared much about her birth family, including details about her parents. However, some of her Instagram posts are dedicated to her grandparents with whom she shared a close bond growing up. LaVera spent some of her formative days in Italy where she studied. As such, she speaks Italian fluently.

2. Her Grandfather Influenced Her Love For Horror Films

Lauren LaVera on Instagram

Lauren LaVera’s inclination to the horror genre goes back to her childhood which she likened to her Terrifier character, Sienna. She fell in love with horror films through her grandfather, a huge horror genre fan. During 2022 Halloween, she took to Instagram with a childhood picture of her in a costume and captioned it “…My poppop was a huge horror fan, who influenced my mom, who influenced me. Wish he knew he was in a horror film that’s getting so much attention…” As a child, LaVera loved Halloween and the costumes that go with it. Several years later, she is still a horror fan and has built a successful career around it.

3. She Has Over Two Decades of Experience In Martial Arts

Lauren LaVera

In addition to her burgeoning acting career, Lauren LaVera is an accomplished martial artist. She trained under Grand Master Mario Cancelliere, founder of Red Tiger Taekwon-Do long before her acting career began. As such, she is a professional in different types of it, including Taekwon-Do, Kun Khmer, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Wushu. She also studied boxing, kickboxing, and more. Lauren is also an accomplished martial artist with over 20 years of experience. LaVera leverages her martial arts experience to put up exceptional stunt performances.

4. Lauren LaVera is a Trained Dancer

Lauren LaVera Dancing

Acting and professional fighting are not the only things Lauren LaVera is good at. She is also a trained dancer. LaVera studied ballet and ballroom dancing. But, there is no record of her pursuing dancing as a career. In addition to dancing, she also sings. Fans of the actress look forward to when she will channel her dancing and singing skills to portray a character.

5. She Won a Fangoria Chainsaw Award For Her Role In Terrifier 2

Lauren LaVera on Instagram

Best known for her starring role in Terrifier 2 as the final girl, Sienna Shaw, Lauren LaVera’s performance was lauded by critics and audiences alike. She also won her first Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for the role. Additionally, seasoned horror filmmaker, Mike Flanagan praised her efforts. LaVera is reprising her role as Sienna Shaw in Terrifier 3 (2024).

6. Lauren LaVera Made Her Acting Debut In Split (2016)

LaVera on Instagram

After several years of practicing martial arts and dancing, Lauren LaVera launched her acting career as a stuntwoman. At the budding stage, she performed as a stunt double for Anya Taylor-Joy in the 2016 film Split. She appeared in a minor role in the 2017 crime thriller Wetlands, the same year she made her television debut in Iron Fist.

Lauren Lavera got her big break in 2022 when she landed the leading role of Sienna Shaw in Terrifier 2. Being a part of the second installment of a successful horror franchise shot LaVera to fame. She reprised the role in Terrifier 3 (2024). LaVera has also appeared in a few guest roles on the small screen. She has been seen on shows such as MacGyver, Dispatches from Elsewhere, and Law & Order: Organized Crime. Here’s all you need to know about the next Terrifier installment.

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