Journey to the Center of the Earth: A 3D Sci-fiction

credit: Journey to the Center of the Earth 

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a movie that will keep every sci-fiction lover glued to a seat. Although the movie was released as early as July 2008, it is still an exciting watch for 2022. Produced as an American 3D science fantasy action-adventure film, It was directed by Eric Brevig and starred Brendan Fraser (in the lead role), Josh Hutcherson, Anita Brien, and Seth Meyers.

Does the earth have a center? Where does it lie? Could it be between Europe and Asia or maybe Iceland and Bolivia? Only one man knew the answer and penned his findings in a book. Those that read the book chatted it off as a fairy tale. However, two men believed. Otherwise, they had a reason to believe it was true. One of the men was Max, who, after reading the book, went on an expedition to see if the fiction was fact while keeping his brother, Trevor, updated about his findings but never got the chance to tell the whole story.

Max’s brother, who was also a university professor, had spent the last ten years monitoring his brother’s expedition and trying his best to keep their work alive; they had run out of time, and the university was pulling the plug on their life’s work: after all the Centre of the earth was a fairy tale. However, the universe had other plans as his nephew, Sean Anderson, came to spend a few days with him. It had been years since they last saw each other, so as expected, it was an awkward encounter for them. Trevor was the book nerd of an uncle, and Sean was the smart kid. Sean’s mum dropped him off with a box containing some of his father’s things. In the box was the missing piece of the puzzle, the book Max left behind containing clues about his where and what to do next. There was a mission at hand; they searched for Max using the clue.

credit: Journey to the Center of the Earth

On their journey, they looked for the only man that believed the story; it was too late when they got there as

he was already dead, but he, too, had a copy of the book and passed it on to his daughter, Hannah. It was clear what they needed to do, find the center of the earth themselves; Prof. Trevor knew the theory and technical knowledge suggesting the earth had a center, Hannah was a skilled mountain climber, and Sean was the smart kid on the team.

Credit: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Their adventure began as they made their way high into the mountains seeking out the volcanic tube that leads to the center of the earth; they had to contend with the forces of nature on their tails, lightning strikes, and rocks caving in. As they progressed through to the earth’s core, their unique skills came in handy; from identifying different rock types and walking on thin layers of muscovite to jumping off ropes to get closer to the center of the earth, they all relied on themselves to stay alive.

credit: Journey to the Center of the Earth

At 82°C, they were at the center of the earth. Finally, there would get a chance to be reunited with Max, but they didn’t because he was gone. It felt like a lost cause, and all their hopes were crushed. Max was a brilliant scientist; he left clues that would aid them in getting back to the surface. It was a race against time as the temperature rose above 100°C, and the book again came to their rescue. Now they must complete what Max started, see the earth’s center and leave to tell the story.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The synergy between Trevor and Sean was essential. They both brought out the strength of their characters; a bookworm uncle teaming up with his 21st-century nephew on an adventure to the center of the earth and having to bond in the process. There was a scene in the movie after they found the remains of Max, they buried them, and they were in each other arms as they cried together.

It Gave Life to the Theoretical Knowledge of Geology

Journey to the Center of the Earth gave life to the theoretical knowledge of geology and the earth’s crust; there were scenes in the movie where Trevor explained different rock formations beneath the earth and their roles in nature. The movie has a scientific orientation which would give it more appeal within the scientific community and sci-fiction lovers.

It is a Must-Watch

Finding a sci-fiction that is captivating, educating, and fun-filled is rare. It’s a movie for a good family fun time, as there is something for everyone, action, suspense, drama, or sci-fiction. It is a well-planned movie.

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