Is Dicaprio Putting an End to “Leo’s Law”?

Is Dicaprio Putting an End to “Leo’s Law”?

Credit: Titanic

In the dating world, the Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his “25-year old rule”. Every relationship he’s ever had, whether it was serious or not, has unsurprisingly ended once his partner turned 25 years, indicating that his “cut-off age” is 25.

The age of 25 is when the prefrontal cortex matures, which means human brains have fully formed and are capable of being in control of the decisions in their lives. It’s a milestone year for entering the world of grownups and adults. So is DiCaprio purposely choosing partners he can dominate and outsmart? Is he incapable of building a future with a mature woman?

Obviously, celebrities get a pass on the age difference when it comes to dating, but in DiCaprio’s case, he’s even known for creating his own “law”, Leo’s law. People are raising questions like: “Why won’t he date someone his own age?” and “Is he turning into a creepy old dude?”

Let’s get into DiCaprio’s dating history.

His first public relationship was with Gisele Bundchen and it ended in 2004 when the supermodel turned 23. Then his second relationship with Bar Refaeli, which lasted 6 years, suddenly lost its spark the moment she became a 25-year-old. DiCaprio briefly dated, at the time, 23-year-old actress Blake Lively. Speaking of briefly dating, in 2012, he had a fling with the Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton when she was 22 years old.

From 2013 to 2014, he was involved with the 21-year-old German fashion model Toni Garrn. Next up is at the time, 25 year old actress Kelly Rohrbach, who DiCaprio dated briefly. After another one of his romances ran its course, he had to test the waters with Danish model Nina Agdal, and… you guessed it, it failed once she turned 25.

His last serious and public relationship was with the American model Camila Morrone. Still, it reached a standstill all the same and he called it quits this summer, shortly after she celebrated her 25th birthday.

Is Dicaprio Putting an End to “Leo’s Law”?

credit: Wolf of Wall Street

Everybody has a lot to say about the disturbing fact that the 47-year-old ultra-famous actor refuses to date over 25.

But is he finally breaking his cycle? There are rumors and speculations of another girl in the mix. And this girl is not just any girl, but the supermodel known as Gigi Hadid. Hadid is not only a 27-year-old, but also a mother to the 2 year old Khai Hadid Malik. Not only does this make her the first woman he’s interested in over 25, but also the first ever mother.

Forever under 25? Not anymore.

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid dating?

DiCaprio and Hadid were spotted getting cozy at a NY party in the Soho neighborhood at Casa Cipriani. The party was thrown by DiCaprio’s good friends Richie Akiva and Darren Dzienciol. This little outing of theirs was the first time they were ever seen together in public. We all know they run in kind of similar circles and have spent time together before at numerous parties and get-togethers, but we’ve never gotten the chance to see their “spark” as a couple in public.

Despite the fact that these two lovebirds are kick-starting their relationship, Gigi Hadid and her ex, Zayn Malik, celebrated their daughter’s 2nd birthday together and on good terms. After all, DiCaprio and Hadid are only getting to know each other.

Is Dicaprio Putting an End to “Leo’s Law”?


Both of them are saying they are not ready to date and that they are only in it for the fun times.

They describe it as “just hanging out” and are not exclusive yet. Sources close to model Gigi Hadid claimed that “neither of them want a relationship”. According to the same sources, ‘Gigi and Leo have hung out many times and are into each other. Gigi thinks he’s a really cool guy,’ they said. ‘The majority of their hangouts have stemmed from being in the same social circles at various parties.’

So, Leonardo DiCaprio is flirting up a storm with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Who knows? Maybe this is only the beginning of a very romantic and loving relationship. Has Hadid broken the DiCaprio curse? Or is it a clever ruse for DiCaprio to prove that he’s not that shallow and doesn’t mind a woman’s age? We guess only time will tell.

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