Glee 3.08 “Hold On To Sixteen” Recap – Trout Fishing

Glee - Hold on to SixteenGlee continues on toward its holiday mid-season finale with ‘Hold on to Sixteen” which sees Finn working to re-recruit Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) to the New Directions, while Quinn faces a difficult decision on what to do with sensitive information, and Tina encourages Mike to pursue his dreams.

Don’t have the time to spare? Then here’s what you missed on Glee‘s ‘Hold on to Sixteen!’

Meeting up in the halls, Quinn reveals to Rachel that Ms. Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) has been having student-teacher relations with Puck, for which she plans to report to the school. Rachel chimes in that technically speaking, their actions aren’t against the law, and jeopardizing Ms. Corcoran’s career would only be huting Quinn’s biological daughter Beth, truly hitting rock bottom.

With Sectionals only a short time away and taking place in McKinley high’s own auditorium, Finn reminds Mr. Schue that their challenges lie not in the song choice, but in their lack of star power following Rachel’s suspension. With Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) and his family having relocated only a few hours away to Kentucky, Finn offers to drive down and re-recruit the former member. Meanwhile, Kurt and Blaine share a coffee debating the group’s troubles, when Warbler Sebastian (Grant Gustin) shows up, and in moments alone Kurt and Sebastian share their mutual animosity, and competition for Blaine!

Rachel and Finn arrive at ‘Stallions,’slowly putting together the pieces that Sam hasn’t been doing dinner theatre, but rather exotic dancing! Backstage, Sam admits his embarrassment but maintains the job provides the best money for his family, as much as he’d like to rejoin the New Directions. They take the matter up with his father Dwight (John Schneider), who reluctantly agrees that Sam temporarily re-locating to Ohio and taking on more teenage responsibilities would make his son happiest.

Glee - Hold on to SixteenSam returns to greet his old friends, performing a rendition of Toby Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup,’to share some sparkling cider, and even Santana greets her old boyfriend with a list of ‘trouty mouth’insults she’d created in the meantime! Later in the halls, Quinn makes a play for Sam, believing he could help raise Beth, while Sam insists she should ‘hold on to sixteen,’and enjoy her youthful responsibilities as long as possible.

Tina coaches Mike on the best ways to apply to dance schools, but Mike reveals that rather than pursue dance he’s applied to Stamford pre-med under his father’s wishes. She assures him he won’t be happy ignoring his dream, but Mike insists the dream is dividing their family, and that his father may be right about the two young lovers not being right for one another.

As the men of New Directions rehearse their dance moves, even new addition Rory Flanagan agrees that they need ladies to participate. Blaine attempts to offer up some substitute moves of his own, while Sam insists they need dirtier dance moves to market their sex appeal. The argument turns into a shoving match, and Blaine leaves to blow off some steam with a punching bag. Finn appears to apologize for his jealous and dismissive behavior, and the group agree to work together to make their Sectionals performance something to be remembered.

Sam attempts to rekindle his summer fling with Mercedes, who insists her rather built boyfriend wouldn’t be happy about that, and the two had best move on. Of course, Sam doesn’t catch the smile on Mercedes face when he insists upon winning her back. Tina pays a visit to Mr. Chang to change his attitude on his son’s dancing, even bringing along a copy of West Side Story. Mr. Chang stands firm that parents of performers aren’t being honest with their children about the heartache, and lack of opportunities performance creates, but Tina reminds him performers are born for the stage, and he should help his son honor his gifts.

Mike chides Tina for going to visit his father, as the other New Directions prepare backstage, when Shelby and the Troubletones arrive to wish everyone luck, and offer them a place in the group should they win. Reacting negatively to the presumptuous offer, New Directions remains confident as Quinn personally insists to Shelby they’ll win (intimating her relationship with Puck in the process).

Glee - Hold on to SixteenFirst up is the Harmony and the Unitards (The Glee Project‘s Lindsay Pearce) performing ‘Buenos Aires,’from the musical Evita, a rousing performance that unnerves both Will and Emma. Quinn leaves mid-performance to blow the Troubletones out of the water by alerting Principal Figgins to Shelby and Puck’s relationship, but Rachel convinces her to at least wait until after the performances. Quinn finds Shelby alone and reveals her plan, but Shelby calmly asserts she’s ending the relationship, how it hadn’t brought her closer to youth as she’d hoped. She apologizes, and tells Quinn to enjoy her time on the stage.

Next up, the Troubletones took the lesson of ‘Mash Off‘to heart, performing a mix of The Supremes”I Will Survive,’and Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor,’which brings down the house. Following up, the New Directions perform three numbers to win over the crowd (because that’s totally fair) first up The Jackson 5’s ABC, followed by Janet Jackson’s ‘Control,’and Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror.’During the performance Kurt notices Sebastian in the audience, and Mike notices his father Mr. Chang watching as well.

Glee - Hold on to SixteenAfter the show, Mr. Chang pulls Mike and Tina aside to voice his support of his dream of dancing, and Tina reveals that she already sent in his applications just in case. Back on stage, the judges announce the Sectionals standings, with the Unitards, taking third, The New Directions first, and The Troubletones second, to their great heartbreak.

Later, Rachel’s lifted suspension affords her another chance to talk with Quinn, who decided not to go through with her expose, and is considering applying to Yale’s drama program. Quinn finds a dejected Mercedes, Brittany and Santana in the ladies room, and asserts that even if they won’t return to New Directions, they should make their remaining time together as memorable as possible, and everyone unites in the auditorium for a celebratory performance of fun featuring Janelle Monae’s ‘We Are Young.’

So did you like Glee‘s “Hold on to Sixteen”? Did it rekindle your youth, or turn you to dust? What did you think about the episode’s music? Join us next week for an all-new episode of Glee on FOX!

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