GCB Canceled by ABC

GCB Canceled by ABC

Y’all, the GCBs aren’t coming back.
ABC has indeed given GCB the axe after a disappointing first season, according to Deadline. Originally thought of as a Desperate Housewives replacement, GCB had never solidified itself over a 10-episode run following the ABC giant. Ratings had been pretty soft, but considering the incredibly crowded cable landscape, a late start date, and the impending DVD availability, there was a slight hope for more Texas goodness in the future.
GCB became most famous not for its solid performances or brighter-than-the-sun tone, but for the origin of its name, itself taken from the book of the same name. Ratings bounced up once the controversy erupted, but unfortunately, they failed to stay at levels necessary for renewal. It had been one of the most talked about shows on ABC for its Housewives comparisons, but it quickly became apparent that GCB lacked the dark, mysterious tone of their sisters from Wisteria Lane. Instead, it became a slightly goofy but always good hearted satire of religious hypocrisy, basing a lot of its roots in the comedic.
To me, part of the problem stemmed from the fact that GCB was not a 10:00 show. It was too light and fluffy to compete with the likes of Mad Men or The Borgias, not being helped by a weakened Housewives and a week with a Titanic miniseries as a lead-in. Had GCB launched in fall, or at an earlier hour, I think it could have pulled through with one divine renewal of its own.
GCB aired its series finale on May 6th and will be available on DVD this June. Fellow ABC midseason shows Scandal and The River will also be released during the summer.
How do you feel about GCB being c-a-n-c-e-l-l-e-d? Did you get enough closure from the finale? What would you have wanted to happen in a second season?

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