Squid Game Recap: Glass Stepping Stones

Squid Game Recap: Glass Stepping Stones

Squid Game Recap: Glass Stepping Stones

credit: Squid Game

The end of the previous episode of Squid Game was a shocking one because of the loss of some beloved characters dying in the most tearful ways. One of them sacrificed herself, one was betrayed by his partner, and one surrendered voluntarily.

Below, we will be having a recap of the game that followed that episode.

Squid Game Recap: Glass Stepping Stones

credit: Squid Game

After the marbles game

In the last episode, Han Mi-nyeo was presumed to be dead because the guards “forcibly” took her out because she failed to find a partner. However, when the last game survivors returned to the dormitories, they were surprised to find Mi-nyeo peacefully sleeping in one of the beds. She was not executed because it was not her fault that she did not play the game. It can also be interpreted that the doctor, who was executed in the last episode, could have been her partner, and only one of the pair would come out alive, and the victor, by default, would be Mi-nyeo.

Everyone was quiet after that because they felt that they had blood on their hands. Sang-woo tried to console Gi-hun, who was still thinking deeply of him sending Il-nam to death. He said that some players had it worse, like Player 069, who had paired up with his wife, Player 070.

The bereaved player begged the others by invoking the third clause again. However, Sang-woo reminded him that they had already come far enough to end the game. That night, Player 069 hung himself with bedding on his neck.

The players woke up the next morning to the sound of some staff walking to the room with a coffin. Only then they realized that Player 069 had taken his life. Sang-woo felt like he pushed the man to death. However, Deok-su took the realization as good news because the chances of him winning increased.

Squid Game Recap: Glass Stepping Stones

credit: Squid Game

The fifth game

The remaining 16 people were led to a room with 16 mannequins, each wearing a vest numbered from 1 to 16, and were told to pick a vest. Everyone tried to pick the middle one because playing the first would be too risky, and playing the last would mean they would have less time.

After the struggle, Gi-hun found that there were only two vests left, the ones numbered 1 and 16. He weighed that being the first would be better as it would allow him to finish the game early. However, Player 096 approached Gi-hun and asked for the first spot because he felt like a coward hiding before and wanted to let go of his worries and be in control of his life. Gi-hun agreed to this and took the last vest.

The players were led to another room that looked like a circus setup. In there, there were two bridges with 18 glass panels each. Some of the glass was tempered, making it safe for at most two people to step on it, while some glass was just ordinary glass that would break upon impact, hurling those who stepped on it to their deaths.

Player 096 realized how wrong he was to take the first spot as he was the first scapegoat for others to know which glass was safe. His first step was successful, but not his second. Later, more and more players fell to their deaths, but through their deaths, the remaining players learned which glass panels were safe.

When Deok-su was in the front, he was afraid to continue, which made everyone worried that they would run out of time. Mi-nyeo taunted him, but to no avail, so she told Deok-su she would go ahead. But instead of going ahead, she wrapped her arms around Deok-su, and as revenge for betraying her before the Tug of War game, she dragged the two of them into a glass panel and sent them to their deaths.

From back to front, only four players remained: Gi-hun, Sae-byeok, Sang-woo, and a glassmaker, who could recognize which glasses were safe. They safely crossed the last three glasses. The Front Man noticed this and turned the lights off. To not lose any more time, Sang-woo pushed the glassmaker to the last glass, revealing which glass was safe.

In the very last second, the three managed to cross the bridge, which exploded behind them, injuring them, with Sae-byeok suffering the most.

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