Why Fast X Would Be Better As Mini-Series

Why Fast X Would Be Better As Mini-Series
Why Fast X Would Be Better As Mini-Series

The conclusion of Dom Toretto‘s story is finally here. Fast X is part of a two-film saga that’s set to put the main franchise to rest finally. The latest Fast film is jam-packed with an all-star cast that includes multiple Oscar winners and ghosts from the past. It most certainly isn’t a bad film, however, it’s one that needs to breathe. There’s so much going on in the latest chapter that there’s no time to give the spotlight to anyone other than Dom Toretto properly.

The Fast series isn’t particularly known for its complex and intricate storytelling. On the flip side, the brand is a unique property that’s one of a kind in the current market. Just because Fast X isn’t a Citizen Kane or Godfather doesn’t mean it can’t tell a compelling story within its world. Needless to say, it would’ve been better off ending as a Fast X mini-series, even though it’s essentially a fun action/adventure film.

A Mini-Series Could’ve Expanded More On Dante’s Character

Why Fast X Would Be Better As Mini-Series

One thing’s for sure, Fast X does an excellent job of expanding Dante’s character. Granted, he’s just another “I want to kill Dom and his family antagonist. But the character himself stands out from past Fast villains. Putting more of the spotlight on Dante’s character would’ve allowed him to stand out even more. The audience would not only understand why he wants revenge on Dom and his crew. But they’d get to the root of his psyche beyond his issues, giving him some much-needed layers.

Where did Dante grow up? Why is murder the only option for his character? The best villains hold up a mirror to society. Thanos is a prime example of this. The Marvel villain wasn’t wiping out half of the world to be cruel — he believed he was doing the right thing. Thanos genuinely believed that the world was in danger and that his method was the only way it could be saved. Peeling back the layers surrounding Dante’s character only benefits the Fast narrative overall. A strong villain creates a strong hero, and though Dante is one of the best characters in the film, there are so many ways to make him better.

A Fast X Mini-Series Would Expand On More Of The Supporting Players

Why Fast X Would Be Better As Mini-Series

There are simply too many characters in Fast X. It’s smart that the series is a two-part saga, but that isn’t enough time to tell everyone’s story. This is Dom Toretto’s journey, so the focus remains on him, with the supporting cast complimenting his goals. There are plenty of intriguing side plots and surprises in Fast X. It would give more context to several side stories that would’ve expanded the overall world.

As previously mentioned, Fast X is a light action/adventure series that knows what it is and embraces it. That’s a good enough reason to really dig into their characters. Again, not everyone needs the spotlight, but the return of Shaw should’ve received more attention. Now, Shaw and Han’s story will be rounding up in the second part of Fast X. That’s all good, but how these two started working together would be fun to watch.

Luke Hobbs and Gisele Yashar Return

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw

They’re back! Clearly, their characters will get more screen time in the second part of the film. But their absence raises a lot of questions. In Hobbs’s case, it would be cool to expand on his and Dante’s relationship. Perhaps the story could portray Hobbs as some sort of mentor to the deranged villain.

On the other hand, Gisele’s return is nothing short of absurd. She pretty much died, like Han. However, this is the Fast franchise, where characters are seemingly immortal, so isn’t a big deal. Gisele could’ve returned more organically because that would serve the story better. The audience could benefit from some details on how she survived such a major accident in Fast and the Furious 6. Bottom line, these two are fan favorites, and it would have been great to find a more natural way to be re-introduced them into Fast X.

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